Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Vintage Mother's Day

Hello Lovelies! I hope all you gorgeous mother's out there had a fabulous Mother's Day!! If you're not a mother, I hope your Sunday was just as beautiful as you!! Sunday was such a blessing for me but as nice it is having a holiday dedicated to being a mother, I actually consider everyday to be Mother's Day. Why you ask? Well, everyday I wake up to see that little face smiling at me and I realize that being a mother is an all day everyday job. It is because of my beautiful mini me that I am a mother to begin with, so I consider everyday a celebration that I am blessed with such an angel! 

I must admit I felt so beautiful Sunday though. I took a bit of inspiration from the #StyleMeMay challenge and tuned into my inner "Vintage Vixen". I mean doesn't every mother out there want to still feel like a hot mama? I know I do...with a bit of modesty of course. So I reached into my closet and pulled some of my favorite items to pull my classic pinup...A-HEM, modest vixen look. I love midi skirts, pretty prints, and vibrant colors so why not combine them right? I think my outfit was just what I needed to feel like even though I'm a mother I still got it. Yeah, I'd say it's all right to be reminded that I'm classic pinup worthy...just with a bit more clothes on....and a bit of Spanx here and there lol!!

Bodysuit - Thrifted // Midi-Skirt - Thrifted // Brown Skinny Belt - H&M //
 Pearls - Forever21 //  Berry Wedges - Payless // Oversized Clutch - Retail 101

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