Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Teacher's Appreciation Day

Hello Lovelies! It's National Teacher's Appreciation Day which means here is your chance to thank those teachers for taking the time to fill your noggin with essential...and sometimes not so essential knowledge. Not in school but have a teacher friend? No problem you can show any teacher some love today! No discrimination here! :)

There are so many ways to show your professor how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication to keep you academically informed. The gift of the traditional crisp, red apple is so old school. Seriously, does anyone do that anymore? I guess if you're trying to keep the doctor away which is great for their health, but that's not as fun or chic. Sure you may be viewed as the teacher's pet but who cares! When it comes to grading your paper, your teacher is sure to think twice after drinking a hot cup of coffee out that face mug you bought them.

Here are a few scholarly finds to conjure up that "Thank You" gift giving inspiration. I think they are sure to ace to an A+...more like a A+++++++++++!!

Teacher's Appreciation Day

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