Thursday, May 8, 2014

Quirky Little Rain Drops

Hello Lovelies! Today's forecast is cloudy skies with a chance of showers. For the record let me set it straight, I don't like the rain. My clothes get wet, windshield gets fogged up when I drive, and my umbrella always seems to go inside out from the wind. Nope, rain is definitely at the bottom of the weather barrel for me.

I mean I know those pesky little droplets are necessary for the grass to grow and the florals to bloom, but does it have to be raining when I need to go outside? Maybe instead of a rain cloud above my head I can walk around with a sunny spotlight. Be isolated from the rain in a dry, sunny spotlight that moves with me. Not possible I know, but I can imagine it right? Maybe a few quirky pieces for those rainy days could help to put a smile on my face. After all, who doesn't want to sing in the rain.....under an umbrella that at least has clear blue skies...Sigh!

Quirky Rain Drops

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