Wednesday, May 7, 2014

All In The Details

Hello Lovelies and Happy Hump Day!! I love trying new looks and putting different outfits together in my wardrobe but, let's face it sometimes I need a bit of inspiration (and motivation) to get going. Last month I came across Hilary Rushford's "#StyleMeApril" challenge on Instagram where she gives you prompts for outfit looks for each day of the month. I loved seeing the outfits other lovelies came up with and thought that I would give it a try for this month. So starting May 1st I joined in on the "#StyleMeMay" fun and let me tell you, I am so glad I did. Each day I look to push myself with the prompts and I must admit that I am loving the outcomes. I am finding that I am having a better appreciation for my wardrobe and realizing that my clothes are not as boring as I thought! Just don't tell my husband I said that or else he'll use my "I don't have anything to wear" statement against me. LOL!!

The Day 6 "Pretty Little Layers" prompt was a great way to pair some of my favorite pieces together. Sometimes it's all about the details that make layers something truly special. When it comes to layering, I learned that it is best to pair thin layers together. With thin layers you can always put another one on top and add or take away bulk as desired. From lace to knits, denim to cotton tanks the layering possibilities are endless. Layers are a great way to add dimension and texture to your look. By layering basic items with others or even more extravagant patterns/textured fabrics you are giving your closet more use and wear. Just have fun, make it yours and remember,'s all in the details!

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