Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Splurge or Save

Hello Lovelies!! Guess what day it is....guess what day it is.......HUMP DAY!!! Hahahaha! I just love that Geico commercial with the camel in the office. Have you seen it? It's hilarious!! Imagine a talking camel walking around at your job and then he stops and asks you what day it is. I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face! Every time it's Wednesday, I think about that camel and just have to say it. Okay enough with the sillies, let's talk about something else to smile about and that's SPLURGE OR SAVE time!!!

I love making great finds, but I also love finding items that can still satisfy my hunger for style on a budget. When it comes to an item I like that I can't afford--or am just not willing to spend an arm and leg on--I look to find something that has a similar feel without being a dupe. That especially goes for statement jewelry pieces. Here are a few fabulous comparisons I found that I am currently coveting.

Tortoise Shell Earrings:

Splurge or Save: Tortoise Drop Earrings

       Filigree Drop Earrings:

Splurge or Save: Filigree Earrings

       Iridescent Floral Deco Necklace:

Splurge or Save: Iridescent Floral Deco Necklace

Jewelry should not only be fun to wear, but also fun to buy. It's good to have options in styles and prices. Hopefully these Splurge or Save finds inspire you to look around for items that share a similarity in feature. Above all whichever route you choose to go either the upper or lower range, make sure to make it your own and ROCK YOUR BUY!! :)  

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