Monday, April 7, 2014

Ricky "Trendy" DaVista's 5th Annual "Xperience" Fashion Event

Hello Lovelies!! I hope you are enjoying the spring weather just as much as I am! Last month I had the honor of being a part of press coverage for the 5th Annual "Xperience" the "Trendy" Walk Fashion Show Gala event. Each year Ricky "Trendy" DaVista, a Hartford native and fashion connoisseur, brings together Connecticut's top emerging designers to display their unique wearable art. Through this great event he is not only showcasing local fashion talent and business, but building awareness for a very special cause. In honor of his late grandmother who lost her battle with emphysema, Ricky "Trendy" Da'Vista partnered with the American Lung Association of the Northeast contributing a portion of the proceeds from the show. This selfless act of kindness and tribute demonstrates the true nature of this fashion rockstar and has inspired me to look more into ways I could help contribute. Great fashion for a great cause!!

There were other fabulous bloggers attending the event including Natasha from One Woman's Style. I loved how she bumped up a simple little black dress with great accessories. With lace tights and a showstopper necklace, she was sure to have the photographers turning! Isn't she a doll!!

The annual fashion gala was held at the upscale venue, Aria Banquets in the lovely town of Prospect, CT. This site was nothing less than excellent with a grand staircase and runway perfect of displaying chic garments. The lavish touch of crystal chandeliers and marble flooring paired with decadent florals provided by Flowers by Danielle set the mood for a fashion show not quick to forget. They couldn't have picked a better place to hold the event.

From start to finish the looks shown had a fresh take, demonstrating creativity different than anything I've ever seen. Amongst some of the designers shown was Heather Nicole Couture whose bridal and evening gowns were anything but ordinary.

Amongst the featured designers was one that I was most excited to meet, Project Runway Season 11 Celebrity Designer Layana Aguilar. She graced the red carpet in one of her own signature dresses from her Allure collection. The blush silk crepe fabric of the dress gave a feminine touch to the power mesh and leather trim detailing. Not to mention the sexiness of the exposed zipper leading to the slit in the back. It was definitely a statement dress and she rocked it on the red carpet!

If I could have one of her dresses right now it would have to be this one. It's so darling with the lime green silk and neutral eyelet trim. I would love for her to design a dress for me, who wouldn't? After much anticipation, the star host and creator of the event Ricky "Trendy" Da'Vista charmed the red carpet.

Wearing crisp white slacks, a tailored blazer, and a bow tie, he shined in a look perfect for Spring. The style didn't end there though. If you love fashion, then you know it is all about the shoe. Let's get a close up on those bad boys! ZOW-WEE!!!!

There were lots of great outfits to be seen at the fashion event and I was inspired every where I looked. Statement necklaces, headpieces, shoes...the looks were endless!!

That's me and my cousin! She was a model in the fashion show and let me tell you, she worked it! No, no, she WERKED IT!! LOL!!! What can I say, it runs in the family ;)

I was so happy to be a part of this event. Ricky "Trendy" Da'Vista and the PR behind the event did an amazing job gathering so many local designers and vendors I had no idea about. From Vice Versa boutique's convertible gowns to Saints by S.J.' "Cocaine" line (every look shown was white), it was quite the "Xperience." I'm really looking forward to the event next year and who knows, maybe I'll be rockin' an outfit from an up and coming designer.

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