Friday, April 18, 2014

Hunting for Apples and Simple Joys

Hello Lovelies!! Last weekend my family and I had the chance to go to the Easter Apple Hunt at Lyman Orchards, a local farm here in Connecticut. It was so fun seeing the children run through the hay maze to find apples. My daughter gained a lot of apples and she wanted to go back for more. Not that I can blame her, but you have to leave some for the other children right? Needless to say there will be plenty of apple pies and apple crisps to go around in our household. An apple a day keeps the doctor away!! 

It was a great time with the family and it really took me back to my childhood days. It's amazing how as you get older you can easily forget about the little joys that made you smile as a kid. That Saturday at the orchards with my daughter helped me to get back in touch with those little joys...that and eating a few handmade cinnamon cider donuts. Mmmm...don't mind me, I'm just tuning into my inner Homer Simpson.

Do you have any fun plans with your family or friends this weekend? Whatever you do, make sure to take in each moment and enjoy those simple joys!! Time flies by just as fast as those delicious donuts did!!

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