Friday, April 11, 2014

Edible Style: Rustic Cabbage Soup

Hello Lovelies!! I hope you had a fabulous week and as we embark on the weekend that your plans are filled with fun and laughter!! This week was rather interesting for me and has definitely brought about a lot of thought. I was working on a post the other day when a rather curious question sprouted on me. What classifications exactly do I pertain to something as being stylish?

Style can be defined as many things for some, but for me it comes down to whether or not it inspires or motivates me in some way. Besides the obvious of chic wearable garments and eye-catching statement accessories, it can be seen in other aspects of one's life. From how they decorate their home, wear their hair, the beauty products they use--style has a wide range of variety, variating in ways that are meaningful to us as individuals.

So then I thought, well why not food? Couldn't the meals we enjoy uphold a sense of style and fashion in an organic elements kind of way? Flavors need to complement one another in a cohesive blend, ingredients should be fresh and full of vibrancy, and I mean you have to feast your eyes upon your meal before you eat it so it should be appealing right? So on that note, I figured why not share some of my own love stories and appreciation for the object of Edible Style. This one starts with a head of cabbage.

I love cabbage, but sometimes I need inspiration on new ways to cook it. After scouring the internet for some yummy recipes I came across this one. Usually when I find a new recipe online or in a book, I like to change things around and make it my own--unless the recipe is that good by itself. To change it up a bit I used red potatoes, added some shallots, dried herbs, garlic powder, and a touch of red pepper flakes. I had some homemade stock I made from the other night and just added some water to make up the difference. This soup really leaves room for you to put your own personal stamp on it, but it is just as good if you didn't add anything extra to it. Overall it's a simple, clean, and classic way to enjoy this hearty green.

So what's your take on this Rustic Cabbage Soup? Could it possibly be Edible-ly Stylish?

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