Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Thrift-Ten Fix

Hello Lovelies!! I have been out of the style mingle loop the past few days and I blame it on this confused weather. One minute it looks like it's going to be warm temperatures and sunny days, next it's breezy, cool and outright raining. I know spring is suppose to be a mix of temperatures with lots of rain, but is it bad of me to be anxious for the warmer air? I guess that's why I jumped on this fabulous find at my local thrift store in high hopes of late spring's warm air and bright sun.

It's been a long time since I've done a Thrift-Ten Fix post. What initially was suppose to be a weekly post series has somewhat turned into a rather non existent series. I guess I wasn't anticipating life to take charge and tell me how a designated posting actually works. Well excuse me father time but I gave birth to this project and I intend to keep it a float, so work with me here! LOL!! In agreement with the good ole "Big Papa Tick-Tock", I've decided to in turn make this a bi-weekly series instead of weekly. Let's be honest, as much as I want to go to my favorite consignment shops every week, life basically has the ultimate say over my schedule. Childcare, birthday parties, work, and other shenanigans have priority over the tickety-tock of my everyday clock. So, I hope you don't mind when I say that I possibly bit off a bit more than I could chew when I initially said it would be weekly. Not to fret though, I intend on still making and sharing fabulous finds under $10...just on a bi-weekly schedule.

All right, now that the air is clear let me show you the lovely find I made at one of my favorite Goodwill stores.

This cute little dress looked so sweet with the feminine detailing along the bust line. White wash dots throughout the chambray fabric reflect a lightweight casual look perfect on it's own or layering under light cardigans for those much anticipated spring breezes.

Thrift shopping is so much fun to me because I love that I can find great second hand clothes for cheap, but one thing I love even more than that is finding brand new items at my local thrift shops. As I mentioned in a prior post, Target tends to donate a lot of clearance items to my local Goodwills. I am not sure if this is just local or if Target does it everywhere, but if you do find some Target goodies at your local Goodwill take it and run!! 

At Target, this dress was marked down to $8.38. Not bad for a cute Spring/Summer dress in my opinion. I most likely would have bought this dress at that price if I found it in Target, but guess what...I didn't!! LOL!! Nope it was gracefully hanging on a rack in Goodwill so the price had to of been something even better. What is it you ask?

Wait for it.......Wait for it.......$3.99!! YES, at that price it was an even better steal! I was so happy to pick up this little jewel for a fraction of the price I would have spent not only brand new at Target, but on clearance.

Like any other fashion/style loving girl, I love to go shopping, but there is just something extra special about thrift shopping on a budget that makes purchasing an item for my closet that more rewarding. After this find, I think my Thrift-Ten Fix luck is picking up!  

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Edible Style: Tropical "Tres Frutas" Smoothie

Hello Lovelies!!! The temperature is rising which means that Summer days are slowly approaching. Yes, I know Spring is still amongst us and I should just enjoy the fact that I don't have to wear a heavy coat anymore. It's true, Spring is rather enjoyable, but I must admit that I am really looking forward to those warm, sunny days on the beach where I can lay out under a big umbrella. Don't get me wrong I like the sun and all, but a girl's got to watch out for those direct sun rays on her skin, know what I mean? Topical sunscreen, a warm summer breeze, and some music while I relax by the sea sounds riveting!

Of course that includes staying hydrated with an ice cold beverage in my hand. When I need a little getaway but can't seem to get away physically, I like to "travel" through the flavors of my food. One of the easiest ways to do so is with a tropical smoothie. There are so many great fruits that are perfect for smoothies and when combined take me on a caribbean escapade right at home. This exotic trip to taste bud paradise starts with frozen fruit--three in particular.

Frozen pineapple chunks, peach slices, and mangos cubes blended with vanilla soy yogurt, coconut milk, and a pinch of spearmint was just what I needed to put me on the course to vacation alley. There are so many combinations you could do with this smoothie travel concept. Depending on where you'd like to be carried away, pick three fruits, a yogurt/protein, liquid, and mint or other fresh garden herb and blend until your heart's content. Then pour it, put a straw in it, and indulge in one of the best flavor trips you've ever had right in the confines of your humble abode. It may not be a permanent fix for those travel bug desires you've been harvesting, but it is a quick fix for those location stagnant blues.

So what is your take on the Tropical "Tres Frutas" Smoothie? Could it be Edible-ly Stylish?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hidden Retreat

Hello Lovelies! Did you have a great Easter Sunday? I ate way too much chocolate and enough jellybeans to last me a whole year. I guess you kind of have to when your daughter gets a lot of it in her Easter basket. Couldn't possibly throw any of that sugary goodness away right? 

After apple hunting with my mini me last week, we stopped by one of my newly found spots. I love discovering new places and when I found out about this spot by the sea I was immediately hooked. It's important to find a place where you can retreat to. For me I love sitting by the water. There's something so calming about it. Watching the waves skirt the shore. Listening to the sound of seagulls and hoping they don't leave a little surprise on you while they fly above. Feeling the warmth of the sun and smelling the salt water in the air. Yup, sitting by the sea has to be one of my favorite places to be.

Have you discovered any new spots recently? Where do you go for your hidden retreat?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Hunting for Apples and Simple Joys

Hello Lovelies!! Last weekend my family and I had the chance to go to the Easter Apple Hunt at Lyman Orchards, a local farm here in Connecticut. It was so fun seeing the children run through the hay maze to find apples. My daughter gained a lot of apples and she wanted to go back for more. Not that I can blame her, but you have to leave some for the other children right? Needless to say there will be plenty of apple pies and apple crisps to go around in our household. An apple a day keeps the doctor away!! 

It was a great time with the family and it really took me back to my childhood days. It's amazing how as you get older you can easily forget about the little joys that made you smile as a kid. That Saturday at the orchards with my daughter helped me to get back in touch with those little joys...that and eating a few handmade cinnamon cider donuts. Mmmm...don't mind me, I'm just tuning into my inner Homer Simpson.

Do you have any fun plans with your family or friends this weekend? Whatever you do, make sure to take in each moment and enjoy those simple joys!! Time flies by just as fast as those delicious donuts did!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Splurge or Save

Hello Lovelies!! Guess what day it is....guess what day it is.......HUMP DAY!!! Hahahaha! I just love that Geico commercial with the camel in the office. Have you seen it? It's hilarious!! Imagine a talking camel walking around at your job and then he stops and asks you what day it is. I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face! Every time it's Wednesday, I think about that camel and just have to say it. Okay enough with the sillies, let's talk about something else to smile about and that's SPLURGE OR SAVE time!!!

I love making great finds, but I also love finding items that can still satisfy my hunger for style on a budget. When it comes to an item I like that I can't afford--or am just not willing to spend an arm and leg on--I look to find something that has a similar feel without being a dupe. That especially goes for statement jewelry pieces. Here are a few fabulous comparisons I found that I am currently coveting.

Tortoise Shell Earrings:

Splurge or Save: Tortoise Drop Earrings

       Filigree Drop Earrings:

Splurge or Save: Filigree Earrings

       Iridescent Floral Deco Necklace:

Splurge or Save: Iridescent Floral Deco Necklace

Jewelry should not only be fun to wear, but also fun to buy. It's good to have options in styles and prices. Hopefully these Splurge or Save finds inspire you to look around for items that share a similarity in feature. Above all whichever route you choose to go either the upper or lower range, make sure to make it your own and ROCK YOUR BUY!! :)  

Monday, April 14, 2014


Hello Lovelies!! Spring has begun to take over my Instagram feed and I am loving the vibrant florals and fresh fruits this pleasant season has to offer. I'm so happy to finally bring out this Vera Bradley bag!! Isn't it a bit of terrific? I bought it a while back and just never took it out to play. Shame on me!! Now that Spring is thriving, these quilted sunflowers are in much desperate need of some sunlight. Let's see how many fabulous outfits I can blossom with it!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Edible Style: Rustic Cabbage Soup

Hello Lovelies!! I hope you had a fabulous week and as we embark on the weekend that your plans are filled with fun and laughter!! This week was rather interesting for me and has definitely brought about a lot of thought. I was working on a post the other day when a rather curious question sprouted on me. What classifications exactly do I pertain to something as being stylish?

Style can be defined as many things for some, but for me it comes down to whether or not it inspires or motivates me in some way. Besides the obvious of chic wearable garments and eye-catching statement accessories, it can be seen in other aspects of one's life. From how they decorate their home, wear their hair, the beauty products they use--style has a wide range of variety, variating in ways that are meaningful to us as individuals.

So then I thought, well why not food? Couldn't the meals we enjoy uphold a sense of style and fashion in an organic elements kind of way? Flavors need to complement one another in a cohesive blend, ingredients should be fresh and full of vibrancy, and I mean you have to feast your eyes upon your meal before you eat it so it should be appealing right? So on that note, I figured why not share some of my own love stories and appreciation for the object of Edible Style. This one starts with a head of cabbage.

I love cabbage, but sometimes I need inspiration on new ways to cook it. After scouring the internet for some yummy recipes I came across this one. Usually when I find a new recipe online or in a book, I like to change things around and make it my own--unless the recipe is that good by itself. To change it up a bit I used red potatoes, added some shallots, dried herbs, garlic powder, and a touch of red pepper flakes. I had some homemade stock I made from the other night and just added some water to make up the difference. This soup really leaves room for you to put your own personal stamp on it, but it is just as good if you didn't add anything extra to it. Overall it's a simple, clean, and classic way to enjoy this hearty green.

So what's your take on this Rustic Cabbage Soup? Could it possibly be Edible-ly Stylish?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Retail 101

Hello Lovelies! I am so excited to share with you some great finds I made earlier this year that I can hardly stand it!! I was meaning to share them with you as soon as I picked them up, but lets just cut to the chase, I'm a procrastinator!! LOL!! Forgive me? I hope you do!! Okay so remember a while back when I told you about the local pop up sale that happens once a month called Retail 101.

Just to refresh your memory, every month this local clothing warehouse holds a sale to the public, offering great discounts on brand-new name brand clothing and accessories. Nothing is priced above $25.00 and the sale runs from Thursday-Sunday of that one week. If you sign up to get an email notification for when they are holding their sale each month, you won't miss out on getting some great deals. I must admit since the first time I went to it, I became hooked. I made some fabulous finds in the past for cheap as seen here and here. Now don't get me wrong, getting great selections of clothes and accessories ranging from $5.00 to $25.00 is right up my alley, but they have an even better offer I can not refuse!

Occasionally they have a huge pop up sale where everything is marked from $1.00 to $5.00!! WOOT-WOOT!!! They don't have that pop up often, but when they do you will definitely find me there! At the one they had last year I picked up a few items that I am still in love with! I'll have to post some pictures soon or better yet, I'll update you in another post. I'm sure you don't mind right? :)

Again each item I purchased was no more than $5.00 each. It was an absolute bargain!!  Okay enough rambling on, let me show you all the goodies I got!!

Belts - $1.99 each

Socks - $1.99 and Shirts - $5.00 each

Shoes - $5.00 each
 American Eagle Booties

Urban Outfitters Flamingo Flats

BDG Flats

American Eagle Blush Flats
And the best find of them all......Red Cape - $5.00

Could you believe my luck?! Finding a red cape for $5.00 was an absolute steal of a find. Sure it's a bit red riding hood-ish, but I'm sure I can tame the wolf of fashion with this beauty.
What do you think of my finds? Have you made any great ones lately? Do share!!