Friday, January 24, 2014

Out With The Old

Hello Lovelies!! It's a new year and I am rather ecstatic!! Last year was quite the experience for me as I'm sure you may have read in my last posts--well, more like my disappearing act--but I am here to say that I am back and here to stay! It's been a rather difficult ride trying to get back on the good ol' blogging horse, but while my saddle has been hung up and the towel left to dry, my creative heart kept lugging and chugging along. There may have been a bit of a hiccup for me and my writing, but needless to say I think I needed that sense of separation. Doesn't every writer/blogger? Sometimes a good unplugging, whether it be voluntarily or involuntarily, every now and then you need to unwind and reset. Press that good ol' button in your mind that recharges you from the boredom rut of mundane inspiration.

Motivation? Yeah I must admit I ran out of it at times, and it wasn't because I didn't want to share great content with my readers, but because I felt that it wasn't good enough for my lovelies. You see, I have been so down and hard on myself that I didn't allow myself the outlet to explore other ways of creativity. I was starting to feel that my good just simply was not good enough. So when life hit and man did it hit me hard, it was just the icing on the cake. The straw that broke the camel's back. The tip of the iceberg...ah-hem, you get the idea. At one point no matter how much I tried--adding a post whenever I could--I just didn't have the spark in me to continue on. Sure I possibly crawled under a rock and cradled myself there for a few months, more like the rest of the year in my realistic sorrows of imperfection gravity. My once awe inspiring motivators slowly gathered dust in the dark, dank attic space in the corner of my once lucid mind. It was an unfortunate time and rather draining place to be in mentally and emotionally, HA! I won't even bore you with those details.

With each day drawing nearer and nearer to the new year I thought for sure that was it for me. My life in the blogosphere was short-term, cut off early before I had the chance to grow internally within myself, but then something happened, something new. Call it cliche, but there was an awakening moment that made me realize there is more to life than the green furry moss underneath that dense rock. That while in my imperfections, there is a delicate prose of truth that is so profound why wouldn't I share it with others. I am me with all my fractures and emotions and challenges alike. 2014 holds new opportunities and chances to change my way of thinking, change my way of living. So this year I am ready to relinquish my past and the doubts that look to hinder. I aim to strive for the things in my life that make me smile and feel a genuine sense of peace. In turn this blog, my home away from home will be a sense of that positive release. The creative uplifting factor if you will. No longer will it be a lost cause of lackluster emotion based thinking, but a place of exploration, dedication, and just outright inspiration.

My friends this year Accidentally Stylish is going out with the old and in with the new! No more empty talks and chatter of the monotone things. From now on it's all about the stylish things in life that move me. From personal style and fashion to delicious foods and chic home decor, this reel has just begun to dive into a sea of fascinating readings and pivots of fun. Ladies and Gents, I have reached a pivotable moment in time where all things and no things matter. So I say it with great confidence and relief that the rock has been removed, and I am welcoming the light. Bring on the new!!!