Monday, March 11, 2013

Guest Post: Kaki Read, Fashion Coordinator at Warby Parker

Hello Lovelies! How are you doing this fine Monday? I hope you're feeling sweet because I know you are looking chic!

Recently I was introduced to a fabulous eyewear company, via the IFB Conference, Warby Parker! Warby Parker specializes in vintage-inspired eyewear with a contemporary twist. From optical to sunglasses, they offer stylish eyewear that not only looks great, but is reasonably priced. Today's guest post is brought to you by Kaki Read, the fashion coordinator at Warby Parker. She comes with great tips on how eyewear can be a great fashion statement to your look. I may have to pick up a pair myself! Enjoy!

Wherever You Go: Dressing As Yourself
Kaki Read – Fashion Coordinator at Warby Parker

No matter how well stocked your closet is, you can be sure that you are going to need a fair amount of time and effort to look your best. The key to dressing well is to be ready for any and all occasions. Whether you are heading off to work or you are heading off to play, consider a few set outfits for when you need to leave the home.

Off to Work
When you are at work, you need to be taken seriously, so that means that your work clothes need to be on the neutral side of things. Grays, blacks, browns and dark blues are very common for work clothes, but once you have your basic skirt, pants and blouse options worked out you can add some color and some personality. For example, a beige suit looks lovely, but what happens if you add an umber scarf to the mix? On the other hand, why not give your face a pop of color by adding some bold vintage-inspired eyeglasses? Remember that a small dash of color can make an enormous difference when you want to create a look that is uniquely your own.

Off to Work

Out and About
When you step out for a great time, remember that you need to take a moment to consider how you are dressed. Sounds obvious, right? For example, think about heading out for some clothes shopping with your friends. When you are going to be out and trying on clothes, you need to keep things simple, as you will be getting undressed and redressed on a regular basis. Stick with a comfy shirt and a skirt for the easiest options. Consider a relatively fitted shirt and a light denim skirt paired with a pair of sturdy flats. If it’s a sunny day, glam it up with oversized sunglasses to pull everything together!

Out n' About

If you are someone who loves fashion, and if you want to include conscious fashion decisions throughout your life, take a moment to think about what your choices are. Your closet can provide you with more options than you ever thought possible, so take a moment to consider how you are going to move forward with your goals.

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