Friday, February 22, 2013

Winter Recipe

Hello Lovelies and Happy Friday!! Can you believe it? We finally reached the end of the week. I am so happy too since I really need these next two days to just relax and de-stress. I'm talking about eating an oversized bowl of ice cream in my pajamas while sitting on the couch, watching endless movies with my DD and DH. Yup, extra special plans for this girl right here!
Now of course if I was to make plans to go out this weekend I would have to wear something suitable for the cold weather. The key is to be warm and comfortable, but cute and not frumpy. Dark colors tend to draw in heat, but lighten it up from the usual drab with some color. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a chic winter outfit to me.
Winter Recipe

To me pops of color in my wardrobe are like salt and fresh herbs to the food I eat. It intensifies the flavor on the palette and adds visual appeal to the garment "meal". It's a delish blend if you know what I mean!

What kind of "ingredients" do you use for your perfect winter outfit recipe?

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