Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Spring into Citrine Neon

Hello Lovelies! Let me just start off by saying that I am tired of the winter. Yup I'm TIRED OF THE COLD! I mean what's the point of having it so cold outside? Your skin stays dry no matter how much lotion you rub on. Your lips chap up no matter how much water you drink. Sweaters and boots start to feel like dead weights in your closet. I mean come on, besides the occasional snowman you'll build, possible sleighing, and multiple layered look (mainly because you have to stay warm), what is the possible cause for the frigid air? Is there a point?

So far I haven't found a valid one except that it is to drive me crazy. Would it be bad to say that I envy my Miami friends right now? How lucky they are to feel the warm sun peaking through the clouds. Feel the cool breeze run off the ocean against their sun bathed skin. *Sigh* Yes, I long to be somewhere warmer now. Sadly, I can't escape this prison mother nature has placed upon me. Not for a few months at least. Maybe if I wore brighter clothing say like this citrine neon, I might feel a bit more like spring is coming.

Citrine Neon

It's bright like the sun, pairs great with neutral colors like gray, and could possibly bring a bit more warmth into my hum-drum winter getups. Just looking at it makes me happy...and warm...and excited for the heat to come... *Sigh* Spring just can't get here fast enough. Are you feeling the winter blues too?

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