Monday, February 25, 2013

Double-take: Black and Red

Hello Lovelies! This past weekend while hanging out on the couch searching the internet for a statement necklace I came across these two lovelies. At first glance my eyes were drawn to this bold red coral necklace. It would be perfect to add a pop of color to a simple outfit and the design of the coral would be fun for the summer. It's unique, fun, and bright--defintely something I could see myself wearing a lot. I was convinced it was the perfect statement necklace for me, but then I ran across this black beauty. The gold detailing of the circles with the surrounding black gems looked regal, fitting for royalty like me ;)

That's when I started to think. These necklaces made me do a double-take. They are similar in scale and unique style, but differ in color--they're stylish fraternal twins. So of course the curious fashion finder inside me thought, why not look into other black and red fraternal findings that make me look twice.

Black and Red

Fraternal twins in fashion...who knew? Have you made and double-takes lately?

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