Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thrift-Ten Fix (Designer Edition)

Hello Lovelies! This past weekend I found some great deals at my local Goodwill. How great you ask? Let me put it this way, they are items from a designer collection that cost a fraction of what you would pay in the retail store they are in now. Guessed what it is yet? If you haven't no worries. I won't keep it a secret. No, this discovery is just too good to keep to myself.

On one of my past trips to the Goodwill I discovered that from time to time they receive brand new merchandise from one of my favorite stores,--just to name a few--Target. Just my luck I walked into my local Goodwill last Saturday to find non-other than items from the Neiman Marcus Collection awaiting in all it's glory. Yup, there were brand new, un-opened, tag still on items from the collaborator collection up for grabs.

Since there were so many options I wanted for my Thrift-Ten Fix I ended up not making a purchase--a style purchase that is. Would you believe it? It was so hard to decide on which item to buy. There were three goodies that were perfectly in my price range of ten dollars, but since I couldn't decide which one to buy out of the three I ended up walking out with nothing more than a baking dish I found for $2.00. Of course I couldn't leave my lovely readers hanging so instead I decided to take pictures of my temptations and share them with you.

Find #1 Jason Wu

These beautiful ornaments designed by Jason Wu would be perfect for the holidays. Though you only get three per box, I think these would be great on display instead of on a tree. Thinking I might go back and buy them, place them in some clear display boxes and place them in my living room. Instant year round holiday glamour!

Find #2 Oscar de la Renta

Now tell me what pooch would not love eating out of these swanky bowls? I was actually considering buying one and use it as a bracelet or ring holder...don't judge.

Find #3 Derek Lam

This skateboard for $45, originally $99.99, would be great for that skater teen (or huby) who wants to ride with style. Believe me, if I could skate--gracefully that is--it would be in my car...sadly, I can not.

Find #4 Joseph Altuzarra

Dress up your cocktails or morning orange juice with these lovely glasses. Not into the whole happy hour thing, try using them as decor. I am sure they would be lovely as a small vase for a gathering of flowers or even a tea light or votive holder. The possibilities are endless!

Find #5 Marc Jacobs

What can I say, these metallic Marc Jacobs bags are gorgeous. Just carry one of these beauties and your outfit will automatically look stellar.

Find #6 Oscar de la Renta

A cute canvas bag is perfect for Spring. Canvas is a durable fabric and the coating on this designer tote makes it feel a little less casual. Not to mention the flowers are CUH-UTE! (that means cute)

And now the three pieces I couldn't seem to decide on which one to get for my Thrift-Ten Fix. I absolutely love each and every one of them, but if there is anything that I have learned in shopping it is to wait if you can't decide. Don't purchase in haste right?

Find #7 Diane von Furstenberg

This gorgeous black and white jewlery box is perfect for adding a bit of color on top of a dresser or vanity. It doesn't have that many compartments inside for a lot of jewelry, but the unique fun birch like feel of the design is enough to make any accessory-nista drool!

Find #8 Lela Rose


As soon as I saw this dress I immediately thought about our first lady, Michelle Obama. It has a very first lady feel with the elegance of the floral and modest cut "v" neck. It hits right at the knee (depending on how tall you are of course) and would be perfect for those brunch dates and evening political gatherings. At the price of $9.99, this designer dress is a steal!

Find #9 Robert Rodriguez

Black lace strapless dresses are always a winner in my book. A sweet black ribbon defines the waist of this fit and flare dress with a sweet bow kiss. For $9.99, this dress would be perfect for those weekend parties with the girls and haute dinner nights with the guy.

I hope you enjoyed my Thrift-Ten Fix designer finds. What do you think? Were these some great deals or what? 


  1. WOW- I cannot believe all of this stuff was at the Goodwill!! no joke. I would've picked up the ornaments- love getting those at a good deal. ;)

    xo Carlina

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is too awesome. Please go shopping for me?! I'll send you $$.

    And GIIIIRL.. we have some serious thrifting to do when I get back! You're so good at it!


  3. You have some powerful willpower! I would have walked out with every single item. That's my problem when I can't decide. I'm so afraid that when I go back for them...they'll be gone.

    You sure do uncover some great finds!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I don't think I've been lucky enough to see brand new items from Target at a Goodwill! I might have to check my local store ASAP!