Friday, January 11, 2013

Retail 101

Hello Lovelies! How are you doing this fine day? I am feeling MUCH better than I was earlier in the week. The flu bug has really been going around lately, but I am so happy that it is finally kicked to the curb--for me at least. Now that my health is getting back in prime mode, allow me to share some great tidbits with you.

My first rule for when I go shopping is to ALWAYS purchase something that I love and makes my heart flutter every time I see it. The exception to that rule of course is to ALWAYS seek the best deal possible. Last month at work my good friend and fellow blogger Jessica--which by the way her blog is awesome, you should check it out :)--told me about this great deal called Retail 101. Every month--usually around the third week--this warehouse clothing sale opens their doors to the public offering great discounts on name brand clothing and accessories. No item is marked above $25.00 and the sale goes from Thursday-Sunday of that one week. You can sign up for their email list to be notified on when they are having their next sale and email subscribers get to preview the items with an option to shop the Wednesday before.

With prices like that, I was so excited to go and see what goodies I could find. So, I hauled my mother and daughter with me and set out to find some new treasures for my ever growing wardrobe.

My first score were three oversized clutches at a whopping price of $5.00. The sale was buy one at $5.00 get one free so I bought one, got one free, and my mother gifted me her free one since she only wanted one bag. Winning!

Sequins and sparkle are such a fun girlie necessity so I plucked this beauty out and made her mine. Technically it's a laptop case but who cares. I love the option that I can use it as a laptop case going to work and then a show stopper clutch for going out. Why not?

Spring is coming soon (I hope) so I thought this floral clutch would be darling for all those pretty dresses I plan on wearing...without tights. :) The color of the flowers pop against the nude and adds a bit of interest to an otherwise simple clutch.

It's always good to have at least one neutral bag besides black for those outfits that scream COLOR!! This nude beauty was just the kind of clutch to fit that bill. 

I am not a sneakers kind of girl except for when I am working out. So instead, flats and moccasins are my go to shoe for when I need to run errands or just hang out around the house. I was happy when I found these shoes in my size at the great price of $9.00 each. Yup, the Minnetonka moccasins which usually go for about $40.00 were on sale for a fraction of the cost. 

I ended up buying a cute little hat for my daughter for $5.00. The gold color thread intwined with the cream cotton fabric adds fun to the little pom-poms. It was just too cute to pass on.

For my niece, I bought this Mini Diana and Flash camera. It was part of her christmas gift and for $10 (originally about $90.00) I think it was a steal!

Lastly I bought this shirt for myself. The olive/gray pattern of this shirt was perfect for layering and at $7.50 it was polite on my wallet.

Retail 101 has to be one of the best tips anyone has ever shared with me. Thanks Jessica! They are having another sale this month from January 17 to January 21 and believe me when I say I will be there. I know there are going to be more great selections and who knows what name brands I will find this time around. I just love a great bargain, don't you?


  1. Whoa! Why did I not know about this??? This sounds like a great excursion and I'll be there next time too!

    Can you let me know if they have dressing rooms? I'm a die hard "I don't care how cheap it is - if it doesn't fit I'm not buyin' it" kind of girl!


    1. I couldn't believe the amount of name brand clothes they had for such a great price! Pants, shoes, coats, shirts--definitely check it out! Yes. They do have dressing rooms. Maybe I'll see you there! Thanks for reading! :)

      S.S. Milk

  2. what nice finds, you know how to thrift! Love the sequined clutch so much!
    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Very nice finds! I especially like the floral and sequined clutch!



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