Saturday, January 19, 2013

Emerald City

Hello Lovelies and Happy Saturday! Do you have any fun plans lined up? My schedule is filling up as we speak. :) Today I am going to take my daughter to do a bit of thrifting in hopes to find my next big Thrift-Ten Fix. Then tomorrow I am going with my mother to the Retail 101 sale. I am so excited to see what chic goodies I will find and of course I will share them all with you! Wish me luck!

Every year Pantone, the world-renowned authority on color, selects the shade that will set the tone for fashion industries across the board. Last year, the vivacious citrus shade of Tangerine Tango graced the runways and sparked a touch of vibrancy in many wardrobes (including mine). This year, they have chosen to tame it down a bit and take us somewhere over the rainbow to the wonderful "Land of Oz". Behold and feast your eyes upon Pantone's declared Color of the Year for 2013...Emerald!
Pantone's 2013: Emerald City
Yes dearies, this radiant, lush color is sure to leave you not "green" with envy but smitten with luck and glamour. It's lively, elegant hue is sure to bring your wardrobe up a notch with just a touch of color or a grand slam of pop.

It can seem a bit daunting at first adding a new color like Emerald to your everyday outfits, but not to fret. You can easily introduce this color in many ways. Once you feel confident enough, you could totally rock this color as one outfit. Allow me to demonstrate.

Emerald #1

The best way to test out this gorgeous trend is to add it into your wardrobe via your accessories. By simply adding a pop of emerald with your jewelry or a shoe, a basic neutral outfit can be given a spark of fun and whimsy.

Emerald #3

Ready to advance to the next level? Try wearing this color on a bigger article of clothing such as a green shirt or pant. This color looks great with basic black and white, but don't just limit yourself to that. Try pairing it with other colors like purple or yellow. Just beware of the red and green or you may look like a Christmas tree--unless that's what you're going for. Instead try using red as an accent color as seen with the purse. It's still a complementary pair without the look of an Elf. Gold jewelry pairs perfectly with Emerald so don't be afraid to slather it on. 

Emerald #2

For the ultimate emerald infactuation, try wearing this color in an all around outfit. Just because you are primarily wearing one color doesn't mean the look has to be a one note. By adding different textures in the fabric and pattern, the monotone outfit stands out with interest rather than blending in with your lawn.

Emerald is such an enticing color for the new year. I hope you found some inspiration in this post to try this color in your next outfit. Allow yourself to have a bit of fun with it in your closet and who knows, maybe a bit of green will bring some luck your way!! Now where is that four leaf clover...


  1. Green is actually one of my favorite colors! Especially the jewel tone greens, like emerald. I'll definitely try to work some green into my wardrobe this spring, perhaps with a clutch or bracelet.

    PS: I tried Retail 101 today and wasn't quite as successful as you were! Did pick up a cute pair of ballet flats, though...$10.00...not bad!

  2. I'm excited for this color to be trending. I only own one green thing in my closet, and it's mint, not emerald! I love those flats your featured. I could see myself wearing those a lot!

  3. I really like the list provided by you. I would like to tell my friend about this blog post. Keep on posting!