Thursday, January 10, 2013

Clearance-Ten Fix

Hello Lovelies! I hope your week is going well! I sadly am not doing too good because I am stuck home with the flu. YUCK! Apparently there is a bug going around and it seems that everyone--even those who had the flu vaccine--is being affected. I am stuck at home for a few days, but while I am sick in my bed I wanted to share with you some blog posts I wrote last month, but didn't get a chance to share. I hope that you enjoy this post and that you are as healthy as a horse...a stylishly chic horse that is!

December 17, 2012

Hello Lovelies! I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was filled with non stop family events so sadly I didn't get to stop by my local thrift shops for my Thrift-Ten Fix. Not to worry though because I still have a Ten Fix that I am quite proud of. You know I couldn't leave you without a great bargain, especially when only spending $10. So this week and for this week only (hopefully) I bring you a sweet Clearance-Ten Fix!

This weekend was filled with so many events. From holiday parties, a baby shower, holiday pictures and a birthday party I was overwhelmed. My thrifting time was completely consumed and I must admit that I was quite bummed. I felt so sad knowing that I wouldn't have a great thrift find to share with my wonderful readers (yes I mean you!). Shopping my local second hand shops brings a whole lot of happiness and joy to my ever creative way of thinking and styling. It's not just the usual retail therapy one could call it. No, it is pure art and satisfaction in knowing that you purchased something someone most likely won't have and can make it your own.

Saturday I found myself in Target before one of my events, purchasing a last minute gift. As I always do in Target, I lingered in the accessories section drooling over the pretty purses, scarves, and jewelry. When I reached the shoe department I casually skimmed the clearance section, expecting my size to be sold out--as it seems it always is, at least when it comes to the ones I really like. So when I turned the aisle and saw these beauties in my size I just had to pick them up!

The fun metallic gold detail on the insole and the oxblood snakeskin print on this lovely flat make it a snazzy little get up for any outfit pairing. I could dress them up with tights and a pretty dress or down with a pair of skinny jeans and a white tee.

At first I thought the shoes were too good to be true, but then I saw the price. Originally $19.99, these lovelies were marked down to a mere $9.98! That's practically half off!

Yup, I think I did good with this find. Super comfy, super chic, and at such a great price. How could I say no?

Even though I couldn't share a fabulous Thrift-Ten Fix find with you this weekend, I still think that by applying the concept of limiting yourself to only $10, you can find a really good deal just about anywhere. Have you found any great deals lately? Do tell. :)

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