Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Comfortable Art by Proenza Schouler

Hello Lovelies! Do you have that one sweatshirt or "hoodie" you always run to when you want to lounge around and relax? I know I do, plenty for that matter. After a long day at work I strip off my clothes and jump into my underground wear for a night of lazing around. Why is it my underground wear you ask? Simply because as comfortable sweatshirts are let's face it, they are not the most flattering article of clothing out there. So they simply stay indoors...behind closed doors where no one can see me in my--for lack of a better word--buminess (yes I just made that word up).

A few weeks back I was streaming the Target website--which by the way is very therapeutic--and came across the Neiman Marcus Collaboration Collection. For a limited time, they were offering 70% off select items from the collection. Of course I couldn't resist, and began to click through to see what items were up for grabs. To my surprise the one item I said I would not wear out in public simply because of what it was ended up in my cart. Yup, it was none other than a sweatshirt, but this version was not like any other sweatshirt I wore in the past. This sweatshirt was a work of art. Proenza Schouler Art.

Okay, okay, I'll admit it. This designer sweatshirt immediately caught my attention. Not just because of the price--though marked down from $29.99 to $9.00 including shipping was not half bad--but the detailing put into it. I have never seen a sweatshirt with an asymmetric hem before which made it very unique, taking this ordinary shirt up a notch.

On top of that, the abstract graphic on the front gives this basic gray shirt more appeal. The movement and color of the print adds interest and the warm, plush terry lining gives it the ultimate feel of comfort.

To see if this sweatshirt was "outdoors approved" I decided to style it up with a white collared blouse and a statement necklace for a casual day at the office.

I have to admit that Proenza Schouler made me a believer that sweatshirts are not just for indoor loungewear anymore. The only problem I have now is maybe feeling a little too comfortable at work. Just have to remember to change out my slippers when I wear this to the office.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Accessorize with Jami

Hello Lovelies! Last year I had the pleasure of attending the Lucky FABB conference in September. Let me tell you, it was an amazing experience! I met so many great bloggers, celebrity stylists, and was introduced to lots of new brands via the fabulous swag bag handed to us at the end of the day. One of the brands that I have come to know and love is a jewelry guru called Jami

Jami is a newly launched jewelry company that creates fun accessories that are not your typical fad--one day in the next day they're out. Nope, these pretty baubles are unique and simple, but add the perfect amount of pop to an outfit. I was fortunate enough to be sent some of their fabulous gems (Thanks Jami!) and of course I just had to share the love with you!

This beautiful gold and crystal Elvie bangle is darling! The wings on the bangle are super cute and are perfect to dress up your bare arms. It's recommended that you wear it on your forearm which makes it great for those short sleeve shirts.

I LOVE this mint Etta necklace. Seriously I wear it all the time. I literally try to plan outfits around this necklace I love it so much! It's long, but the look is very clean and chic. It's perfect for layering or wearing on it's own.

Chain with colored thread is a fun way to add color to an outfit. The Estelle bracelet is a great way to pump up an arm party. It's a fabulous statement piece to wear on it's own as well.

These mint Etta earrings were my first encounter with Jami, gifted to me in my Lucky FABB swag bag. Every time I put them on, I can't help but feel a bit sassy in them. They make me want to just rock my hair in a big afro and throw on some hot pink lipgloss...that just may be my next outfit pairing to wear them with...let me write that down for future use.

Jami has such an amazing selection of jewelry that I'm sure you will love just as much as I do. All of their gems come in various colors in addition to the mint I featured here. Believe me when I say this is one brand to keep an eye out for. With their fabulous accessories, I 'm sure they have more goodies for us fashion lovers up their sleeve.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Coal and Snow

Hello Lovelies and Happy Friday!! Got any plans for the weekend? Mine just might be to stay under a warm blanket with a big cup of hot chocolate. Lately these cold temperatures have me pondering just when is winter ever going to end. With so many fabulous trends in the new year I am ready to bring out the thinner layers and hang up my wool coat. Speaking of style buzz for 2013, one look that I am itching to play with in the new year is black and white. This classic combo reminds me of the ever so beautiful style of Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, know women who invoke a sense of timeless style and beauty. With winter still upon us (at least for the Northeast) this easy to wear style has got me thinking that a new title is in order. Yup, until the weather starts to warm up and my toes defreeze, it is no longer called black and white. As of now, I have donned this current rave the fabulous trend of "Coal and Snow".

Coal and Snow

It's kinda hard for me to see this as a trend for 2013 when black and white...excuse me, Coal and Snow have been the perfect matrimony since bread and butter--lightly toasted please. None the less I am very pleased that it is all the rage more so now since I'm finding a lot of black and white in my closet. Yes, I am still in love with my smile inducing colors, but sometimes you just have to take it back to the basics.

"Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance." - Coco Chanel

Ain't that the truth Chanel...ain't that the truth!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Three My Valentine

Hello Lovelies! How is your "Hump Day" going? Mine is going much better now that my heater is on. It's soooo cold outside today. No really! How is it you can walk outside wearing three layers of clothes under a wool coat, gloves, a scarf, two pairs of socks, a beanie and still feel the cold? This weather is crazy! CRAY-ZAY!!

I guess winter has a purpose but at this point of time I don't see it. Unless the purpose of winter is to make you appreciate your heaters and sweaters (and moisturizing oils for the dry cracked skin you get with the thinner air). To take my mind off the unpleasantries I chose to look forward to the next fabulous holiday. One holiday closer to spring--Valentine's Day!

Now I know Valentine's Day is not for another few weeks, but who says you can't start thinking about what stylish outfit you're going to wear. No matter what your plans are for the day, you can wear a darling look even Cupid's arrow can't resist. 

 Three My Valentine

At the Office:

    That humdrum 9-5 look shouldn't be all work without play. Have a bit of fun with it by adding some feminine details. A sleeveless, pleated lavender dress is sweet on it's own, but add a hot pink blazer and the corporate party has just begun. Slip on a pair of sassy nude pumps and you have yourself a sugary sweet get up you're boss is sure to approve.  

With the Girls:

    Going out for chocolate flavored cocktails with the girls? Then you need a fun outfit to boot! These paisley pants are a great way to add a bit of whimsy to a burgundy peplum. Add a bit of sparkle with a gold 'lace' collar necklace, gold flats, and dainty bow studs. It's perfect for dancing and flirting with those not-so-secret admirers.

Date Night:

     Who says you have to wear red to be haute for dinner? Why not take the Pantone Color of the Year for a spin? This sophisticated Emerald dress paired with suede pink heels makes for a romantic get up your date is sure to appreciate. Finish the look with a hypnotizing opal ring, a gold love necklace and sweetheart studs and you're sure to get "lucky" in this look.

  Whether it's to the office, a night on the town with the girls, or a romantic dinner for two there is an outfit out there that is perfect to get Cupid's arrow aimed in the right direction. What do you think? Are you feeling the love?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thrift-Ten Fix (Designer Edition)

Hello Lovelies! This past weekend I found some great deals at my local Goodwill. How great you ask? Let me put it this way, they are items from a designer collection that cost a fraction of what you would pay in the retail store they are in now. Guessed what it is yet? If you haven't no worries. I won't keep it a secret. No, this discovery is just too good to keep to myself.

On one of my past trips to the Goodwill I discovered that from time to time they receive brand new merchandise from one of my favorite stores,--just to name a few--Target. Just my luck I walked into my local Goodwill last Saturday to find non-other than items from the Neiman Marcus Collection awaiting in all it's glory. Yup, there were brand new, un-opened, tag still on items from the collaborator collection up for grabs.

Since there were so many options I wanted for my Thrift-Ten Fix I ended up not making a purchase--a style purchase that is. Would you believe it? It was so hard to decide on which item to buy. There were three goodies that were perfectly in my price range of ten dollars, but since I couldn't decide which one to buy out of the three I ended up walking out with nothing more than a baking dish I found for $2.00. Of course I couldn't leave my lovely readers hanging so instead I decided to take pictures of my temptations and share them with you.

Find #1 Jason Wu

These beautiful ornaments designed by Jason Wu would be perfect for the holidays. Though you only get three per box, I think these would be great on display instead of on a tree. Thinking I might go back and buy them, place them in some clear display boxes and place them in my living room. Instant year round holiday glamour!

Find #2 Oscar de la Renta

Now tell me what pooch would not love eating out of these swanky bowls? I was actually considering buying one and use it as a bracelet or ring holder...don't judge.

Find #3 Derek Lam

This skateboard for $45, originally $99.99, would be great for that skater teen (or huby) who wants to ride with style. Believe me, if I could skate--gracefully that is--it would be in my car...sadly, I can not.

Find #4 Joseph Altuzarra

Dress up your cocktails or morning orange juice with these lovely glasses. Not into the whole happy hour thing, try using them as decor. I am sure they would be lovely as a small vase for a gathering of flowers or even a tea light or votive holder. The possibilities are endless!

Find #5 Marc Jacobs

What can I say, these metallic Marc Jacobs bags are gorgeous. Just carry one of these beauties and your outfit will automatically look stellar.

Find #6 Oscar de la Renta

A cute canvas bag is perfect for Spring. Canvas is a durable fabric and the coating on this designer tote makes it feel a little less casual. Not to mention the flowers are CUH-UTE! (that means cute)

And now the three pieces I couldn't seem to decide on which one to get for my Thrift-Ten Fix. I absolutely love each and every one of them, but if there is anything that I have learned in shopping it is to wait if you can't decide. Don't purchase in haste right?

Find #7 Diane von Furstenberg

This gorgeous black and white jewlery box is perfect for adding a bit of color on top of a dresser or vanity. It doesn't have that many compartments inside for a lot of jewelry, but the unique fun birch like feel of the design is enough to make any accessory-nista drool!

Find #8 Lela Rose


As soon as I saw this dress I immediately thought about our first lady, Michelle Obama. It has a very first lady feel with the elegance of the floral and modest cut "v" neck. It hits right at the knee (depending on how tall you are of course) and would be perfect for those brunch dates and evening political gatherings. At the price of $9.99, this designer dress is a steal!

Find #9 Robert Rodriguez

Black lace strapless dresses are always a winner in my book. A sweet black ribbon defines the waist of this fit and flare dress with a sweet bow kiss. For $9.99, this dress would be perfect for those weekend parties with the girls and haute dinner nights with the guy.

I hope you enjoyed my Thrift-Ten Fix designer finds. What do you think? Were these some great deals or what? 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Emerald City

Hello Lovelies and Happy Saturday! Do you have any fun plans lined up? My schedule is filling up as we speak. :) Today I am going to take my daughter to do a bit of thrifting in hopes to find my next big Thrift-Ten Fix. Then tomorrow I am going with my mother to the Retail 101 sale. I am so excited to see what chic goodies I will find and of course I will share them all with you! Wish me luck!

Every year Pantone, the world-renowned authority on color, selects the shade that will set the tone for fashion industries across the board. Last year, the vivacious citrus shade of Tangerine Tango graced the runways and sparked a touch of vibrancy in many wardrobes (including mine). This year, they have chosen to tame it down a bit and take us somewhere over the rainbow to the wonderful "Land of Oz". Behold and feast your eyes upon Pantone's declared Color of the Year for 2013...Emerald!
Pantone's 2013: Emerald City
Yes dearies, this radiant, lush color is sure to leave you not "green" with envy but smitten with luck and glamour. It's lively, elegant hue is sure to bring your wardrobe up a notch with just a touch of color or a grand slam of pop.

It can seem a bit daunting at first adding a new color like Emerald to your everyday outfits, but not to fret. You can easily introduce this color in many ways. Once you feel confident enough, you could totally rock this color as one outfit. Allow me to demonstrate.

Emerald #1

The best way to test out this gorgeous trend is to add it into your wardrobe via your accessories. By simply adding a pop of emerald with your jewelry or a shoe, a basic neutral outfit can be given a spark of fun and whimsy.

Emerald #3

Ready to advance to the next level? Try wearing this color on a bigger article of clothing such as a green shirt or pant. This color looks great with basic black and white, but don't just limit yourself to that. Try pairing it with other colors like purple or yellow. Just beware of the red and green or you may look like a Christmas tree--unless that's what you're going for. Instead try using red as an accent color as seen with the purse. It's still a complementary pair without the look of an Elf. Gold jewelry pairs perfectly with Emerald so don't be afraid to slather it on. 

Emerald #2

For the ultimate emerald infactuation, try wearing this color in an all around outfit. Just because you are primarily wearing one color doesn't mean the look has to be a one note. By adding different textures in the fabric and pattern, the monotone outfit stands out with interest rather than blending in with your lawn.

Emerald is such an enticing color for the new year. I hope you found some inspiration in this post to try this color in your next outfit. Allow yourself to have a bit of fun with it in your closet and who knows, maybe a bit of green will bring some luck your way!! Now where is that four leaf clover...

Friday, January 11, 2013

Retail 101

Hello Lovelies! How are you doing this fine day? I am feeling MUCH better than I was earlier in the week. The flu bug has really been going around lately, but I am so happy that it is finally kicked to the curb--for me at least. Now that my health is getting back in prime mode, allow me to share some great tidbits with you.

My first rule for when I go shopping is to ALWAYS purchase something that I love and makes my heart flutter every time I see it. The exception to that rule of course is to ALWAYS seek the best deal possible. Last month at work my good friend and fellow blogger Jessica--which by the way her blog is awesome, you should check it out :)--told me about this great deal called Retail 101. Every month--usually around the third week--this warehouse clothing sale opens their doors to the public offering great discounts on name brand clothing and accessories. No item is marked above $25.00 and the sale goes from Thursday-Sunday of that one week. You can sign up for their email list to be notified on when they are having their next sale and email subscribers get to preview the items with an option to shop the Wednesday before.

With prices like that, I was so excited to go and see what goodies I could find. So, I hauled my mother and daughter with me and set out to find some new treasures for my ever growing wardrobe.

My first score were three oversized clutches at a whopping price of $5.00. The sale was buy one at $5.00 get one free so I bought one, got one free, and my mother gifted me her free one since she only wanted one bag. Winning!

Sequins and sparkle are such a fun girlie necessity so I plucked this beauty out and made her mine. Technically it's a laptop case but who cares. I love the option that I can use it as a laptop case going to work and then a show stopper clutch for going out. Why not?

Spring is coming soon (I hope) so I thought this floral clutch would be darling for all those pretty dresses I plan on wearing...without tights. :) The color of the flowers pop against the nude and adds a bit of interest to an otherwise simple clutch.

It's always good to have at least one neutral bag besides black for those outfits that scream COLOR!! This nude beauty was just the kind of clutch to fit that bill. 

I am not a sneakers kind of girl except for when I am working out. So instead, flats and moccasins are my go to shoe for when I need to run errands or just hang out around the house. I was happy when I found these shoes in my size at the great price of $9.00 each. Yup, the Minnetonka moccasins which usually go for about $40.00 were on sale for a fraction of the cost. 

I ended up buying a cute little hat for my daughter for $5.00. The gold color thread intwined with the cream cotton fabric adds fun to the little pom-poms. It was just too cute to pass on.

For my niece, I bought this Mini Diana and Flash camera. It was part of her christmas gift and for $10 (originally about $90.00) I think it was a steal!

Lastly I bought this shirt for myself. The olive/gray pattern of this shirt was perfect for layering and at $7.50 it was polite on my wallet.

Retail 101 has to be one of the best tips anyone has ever shared with me. Thanks Jessica! They are having another sale this month from January 17 to January 21 and believe me when I say I will be there. I know there are going to be more great selections and who knows what name brands I will find this time around. I just love a great bargain, don't you?