Friday, December 21, 2012

Tribute Blackout

Hello Lovelies...These past few days have been very dark and gloomy. As a fellow CT blogger, it deeply saddened me to hear of such a hideous crime happening in my own home state. What made it worst is that many of my own friend's children attended the school. Thankfully, they came from the day unharmed--at least physically, but some of the children they know have not. I never thought that I would feel the need to run to my own child so badly, to hold her and squeeze her close. I am so blessed to have my child and though we are not Newtown residents, my heart is deeply hurt for the children and their families.

This week for me is a time of reflection, appreciation, and a time of mourning for those who were taken from us too soon. In honor of the sweet angels who are no longer with us I have decided not to post this past week and will continue not to post until after Christmas.

I hope that you understand and join me in this time to honor those lives that have been taken from us too soon. This Christmas, please remember that it is not the gifts and presents to be cherished, but the family, friends, close bonds and life. I wish you all many blessings and happiness with the ones you love and I encourage you to cherish the time that you have now as I know that I will aim to cherish every minute of mine.

With that said I continue my tribute blackout...

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