Sunday, December 9, 2012

Thrift-Ten Fix

Hello Lovelies!! I hope you are having a great weekend. So it dawned on me that I didn't share with you my great thrift finds before I went on my cruise last month. Naughty me. I hope I still get something good for Christmas :)

A week before my cruise I decided to stop by my local Goodwill to see if I could find something to wear on my cruise. Of course I was open minded to whatever I could layer with for the fall/winter and wanted to make sure it wasn't just for the cruise--basically a one time deal. You know those purchases, the ones you buy for a specific event and never wear again. Yeah, I had my share.

As I walked into the Goodwill I reminded myself that I needed to stick to my $10 budget. If I only found one thing then so be it. As long as it was something that I truly loved and would get a lot of use out of. That wonderful Saturday I entered into a smorgasbord of goodies because the lucky color was green...and most of the things I bought were marked with a green tag!! BINGO!!! I couldn't believe my luck! Here are my great finds...

Find #1

Ever since I saw one of my favorite bloggers I follow feature an old navy cargo twill vest in this post and many other outfits, I thought I just had to buy one. Just my luck, the vest is sold out and another one similar to it is not what I want to spend for it. So when I saw this beauty in the Goodwill with a green tag on it, I snatched it up fast than you could say cargo vest! LOL!!

The color of it is definitely a brighter green, but I actually like it better. The sleeves could easily be cut of and made into an actual vest, but for now I think the sleeves are working. This vest could easily be layered over shirts and under cardigans. The options are endless!! This amazing find was originally $3.99, but I got this bad boy at half off for $2.00!! I know right!

Find #2

This Forever21 tunic was a great find for my cruise. The floral print was girlie and fun with pinks, greens, and blues. It's lightweight fabric made it perfect as a bathing suit cover-up for my vacation--which I did wear here. Not to mention it's great for layering in the colder season as well!

Immediately for the colder season I could see myself layering this with a cream long-sleeved turtle neck with my first great find, the green cargo vest over leggings and tall brown boots or booties. A statement necklace and gold watch would set it off! This great find was originally $3.99, but because it had a green tag the price came to $2.00!!

Find #3

I love pleated skirts. No, let me rephrase that. I LOVE pleated skirts. Yup, that sounds better! There is something about a pleated skirt that makes me feel so feminine and classic. When I saw this red pleated skirt I had to touch it, try it on, twirl a bit. Yup, she was mine from the get go!

The fabric of the skirt is a wool/polyester blend so it was perfect for the Fall/Winter. It's not scratchy on the skin and the color is nice and bright. With tights and a long sleeved body-con dress used as a shirt, it became my birthday outfit. Red, black and white are such classic colors. Since I haven't found the perfect red lipstick yet, a red pleated skirt will do the trick! This pleated steal did not have a green tag on it, but at a price of $5.00 I was all in!!

For my birthday, I also paired it with my black and white houndstooth scarf and my great find I purchased on my vacation. Throughout the cruise, they had sales every night on accessories for the formal nights and casual nights. On the first formal night I rummaged through their jewelry selection and found this beauty at the great steal of $10! Now that's what I call a Cruise-Ten Fix!!

My total amount for my Thrift-Ten Fix pre-cruise came to the great price of $9! Okay so it was a few cents under $10 when you include tax, but I still stuck to my game plan and budget!! 

You know this challenge is starting to prove to me that I can still enjoy the fruits of shopping with a small amount to spend. Everyone needs a reminder sometimes that great finds are out there and you don't need to spend a lot for them. 

So what do you think? Would you wear these finds and have you found any great steals lately? Do tell!!


  1. Love, love, love the cargo vest and skirt! Absolutely want the skirt! Looks like a perfect length and great for the holiday season!

    Great finds! Love a bargain!

  2. I think you found FABULOUS things and I need to go shopping with you Let's compare schedules after the holidays!

  3. Love your finds, especially the cargo style shirt! I do find wonderful things at thrift stores, even if the piece doesnt fit or is damaged I have used the fabric to make something else.

  4. Great finds!! Especially for the price!(: Love love love your blog! Newest follower right here!
    xoxo, Gena
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  5. oh my gosh girl, I need to go thrifting with you! these are great pieces, I am seriously impressed!