Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Hello Lovelies! I know I have been a bit M.I.A. lately and unlike Jamie Fox I can't "blame it on the alcohol" because I haven't had a drop to drink. Needless to say work and life in general have been really kicking my butt. It's the usual everyday problems and stressors, but I have the perfect solution. This time next week I will be cruisin' along the great ocean blue on a fabulous 7 day cruise with the family. Oh yes, this vacation was much needed and it couldn't have come at a better time. You know when you get to that point when you just need a break from the everyday grind? I was really starting to feel it, so now that this vacation is here I am sooooo ready. 

Well not really. I mean I haven't packed yet, I still need to clean my house, finish up some things at work, buy a few more things to wear....uh, yeah I have ALOT to do before I leave. Of course one of those to do's was to let my lovely readers know. Sure I am going to miss you, but I'll be okay. I plan on eating and drinking all the great cuisine, soaking up the caribbean sun (with sunscreen on of course), and swimming along the clear waters with the dolphins. Okay scratch the dolphin part because I would do more screaming than swimming.

Sadly since the cost of WiFi is ridiculously priced on the boat, I may not be posting during the week, but I will have plenty of pictures and experiences to share with you when I get back. Until then, I hope you enjoy my posts for the rest of the week and stay tuned for a special post that I'd say leaves me "tickled pink" every time I see it.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Hello Lovelies! So, now that fall is underway I am loving the changing shades of the foliage. The dimensions and layers of color on the trees mixed with the shadows by the sun reminds me that autumn consists of lots of fun prints and textures. This goes the same for fashion. There are many things that I am drawn to in the great world of styling, but if there is one item that I am not quite sure is the camouflage print.

This rugged, meld in with the surroundings print is popping up on coats, dresses, shoes, yeah, I am not sure if this is something I could pull off. Of course I could be bias in that I had to wear it for 6 years straight.

Oh I didn't tell you? Well, back in the day--upon graduating high school--I was in the U.S. Air Force serving my wonderful country. It was an amazing experience and I felt so proud putting on the uniform everyday. It was my armor, my shield, I felt empowered with it on. Even though I have completed my enlistment, I still feel proud that I had a chance to serve in the military and continue to support the soldiers who are not only still in, but are continuing to sign up. Yes, I am Proud to be a Veteran.

Okay, now that you know my back story let's get back to the "Camo" debate. In fashion, camouflage can be a real stand out, especially with the mixed greens trend for fall. Paired with orange pants and killer boots it could lend itself as a military meets modern look. Fashion gurus like the StyleActivist and LifeAnnStyle wear it with grace while WhoWhatWear styles this print with ease. One could really pop in a room of beige, but could I?

For me it has so much more meaning than just making a fashion statement. It signifies passion, strength, and sacrifice--setting yourself aside for the well being of others. Could I possibly wear this trend and still show it dignity and justice than just ripping a pair of camouflage pants from an old uniform to shorts? No I couldn't go that far, but I do still have some uniform tops. Of course they still have my name tag, prior rank, and squadron badges on them, but I don't know. Maybe if I took them off I could wear it with some skinny jeans or a casual dress. I'll have to do a bit of experimentation.

Would you wear this trend and if so tell me how. I would love to know!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Fashion Trends at Macy's

Hello Lovelies! This past weekend I had the honor of participating in my first ever fashion show! Well, not actually in the fashion show, but I did sit in the front row. Saturday I was given the great opportunity to attend Macy's Fall Fashion Event at the Danbury Fair Mall. Not only was this an amazing experience because of the chic clothes I saw, but I also got to meet one of the best dressed hosts ever. Curious as to who? I'll hold off on that surprise until the end. :) 

This season, Macy's is introducing fabulous styles for the fall! The show consisted of four collections, each containing four different looks. One of the things I loved was that each trend was something that I haven't already seen. Each collection and individual outfit had visual interest and left me inspired to shop the looks and make them my own. So here is just a taste of the great fashion and designs I saw on the Macy's red carpet runway :)

Collection 1: Aristocrat

These metallic coated denim pants were stunning against the lights. With each step the model took, the color of the sheen seemed to change from a warm gold to a spicy copper, much like the fall foliage. Paired with these Jessica Simpson metallic pumps, they were a true show stopper!

Capes are in for fall, so when I saw this Calvin Klein Camel Cape I immediately fell head over heels.  Pair with leggings, a plaid collared shirt and a smoking pair of riding boots and you have a stylish outfit anyone would love!

Dressed in a Jones NY Tweed jacket, a floral print scarf, and plum velvet pants, this model shows that it's okay to mix textures. The colors blend well amongst each other and the various textures add dimension.

Not to mention the snake print bag she is carrying. The neutral tones work great against the plums and greens of the outfit.

A Tommy Hillfiger Metallic miniskirt stands out against the neutral gray of the tights and booties on this model. Topped with a navy blue cape and faux fur scarf, it is a sophisticated fun look that would be great for dinner or even cocktails with the girls.

Collection 2: Teal

From Nicole Richie's capsule collection, this teal tunic brings about a sense of vintage whimsy. The velvet fabric and studded boatneck collar make this a perfect dress for those fall/winter festivities. A great holiday dress, don't you think?

Draped fabric is great for skimming the body and is comfortable for layering. When wearing a monochromatic outfit, look to mix textures throughout to bring interest.

When in doubt how to add texture, just throw on a fabulous faux fur jacket like this one. The caramel faux fur and teal lace skirt are a great combination for this feminine, flirty look.

Collection 3: Neo-Geo

For a rocker look, try a moto jacket with oxblood skinny tuxedo pants. The combination along with these Jessica Simpson "Echoe" pumps will have heads a good way of course!

A red dress is and always will be a classic. The zipper detailing on this sheath and stellar cuff take the already sizzling dress from spicy to bold picante.

When looking for a color to pop against basic black and white, try cobalt blue. In a color block dress with patterned tights or against a houndstooth skirt and winter white coat, this bold color is a simple way to bring an outfit up from the basics.

Collection 4: RSVP

The grommet detail on the shoulders of this blazer and the I.N.C black crepe blouse are complimentary to these metallic snake print pants. For fall, look for those little details that make a huge impact in the overall outfit.

Michael Kors flare denim looks great with the faux fur vest and Dolce Vita Suede wedges for a daytime look. If you want to try something other than a denim, try pairing a metallic gold dotted top with coated skinny black pants for those cool autumn nights.

Calvin Klein hit a home run with this sequin tuxedo blazer. The shine of the black sequins is sophisticated and luxurious with the tuxedo pant. This classy look is proof that you can wear sequins in a classy way without being gaudy. 

I was extremely impressed with the Macy's collections. I could definitely see myself pulling from each collection to form some great outfit pairings of my own.

And who was the oh so stylish and incredibly great looking host of the event? Did you guess? If not, here he is...

None other than the fabulous, chic host of E! Entertainment Who Wore It Better, Robbie Laughlin!! I was just ecstatic to meet him! He is a really nice guy and has great advice on how to dress for yourself.  It's all about having fun with your personal style and finding pieces that best suit you, no matter your body type. Not everyone may be an "aristocrat" or "teal" lover and that's fine! Macy's offers so many great pieces for you to wear no matter how you are feeling on a given day. Each stylish item will leave you feeling glamorous and dignified. So stay true to yourself and check out their collections for more fall fashion inspiration. I know I have some things on my to buy list. Let's grow ours together!

Disclosure: I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere provided me with compensation for this post about Macy's Fall Fashion.  However, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pulp Sushi and New Weekly Series

Hello Lovelies! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Today I have some great news to share. First, today I am being featured over at Pulp Sushi! Yes, Marilyn--an oh so amazing talented blogger and jewelry maker--is hosting a huge October Bash Blogger Party and invited bloggers to guest post on her blog. I decided to write an outfit pairing post based on some of my inspirational flavors of the season. It's so cool and a great honor to be featured via a guest post (of course this is my first time...can't you tell?). I hope that you check out my "Fashion with Halloween Flavors" post over at Pulp Sushi. Make sure to let me know what fall flavors have been inspiring you below in the comments. I'd love to know!

I must admit that shopping and purchasing new items for my wardrobe has to be one of my favorite pass times. Now when I say favorite I mean FAVORITE. I love window shopping and picking out a freshly, unworn garment from a hanger in a shiny retail store. Though the high I get from buying something brand spanking new is great and all, there is something about thrift shopping that truly sends me shooting through the roof with excitement. Knowing that I bought something that someone else probably doesn't have is thrilling all in its self. Not to mention I spend next to nothing for it. Because I enjoy thrifting so much, I decided to give myself a little challenge. 

In a new weekly series I will find the best goodies available at my local thrift shop using only $10 to spend. That's it! It is a challenge to myself to see potential in items others have chosen to give away. I am not bias when it comes to clothes. When I see a good deal, new or used I jump on it. Sometimes I like it better when I find a gently used item and make it my own. It makes me feel unique in the way that a brand new article of clothing doesn't. I'm not saying that I feel like everything in the stores are the typical cookie cutter design, but I appreciate when I can change it up from what it looks like in another person's closet. Being unique is important to me. Then again I just like being myself. Dressed in new clothes or not, it is all about expression and having fun with it. So there, my explanation as to why I have decided to take on my own $10 challenge. I am sure I am bound to find some interesting things in my search. Stay tuned for my weekly series, Thrift-Ten fix!

The hunt is on!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Recent Lovers

Hello Lovelies and Happy Weekend!! Today my husband and I are taking our daughter apple and pumpkin picking for the first time. Shamefully it will also be my first time going as well. Can you believe it! Born and raised in New England and I haven't been pumpkin or apple picking once...NOT ONCE! Now that's just embarrassing. So I guess you could say that I am just as excited about it as she is. Two big kids running through the orchards...actually, make that three big kids, my husband is a kid for life :) While I am away on a fruit plucking excursion for the day, here are some of my recent favorites that have been putting a smile on my face.

Statement Necklaces and Patterned Scarves. They make any outfit extraordinary. 

Color and LOTS of it. From orange to oxblood, I find even just a bit of color makes for a great day. MyDROBE signtaure mints. I think it's hilarious how they package them to look like a prescription. "Take Every Morning Before You Get Dressed!" :)

Olay 2-in-1 Anti Wrinkle day cream and serum, avocado lip butter, travel sized mango scented shea butter. I literally carry these things in my purse everywhere I go. The 2-in-1 cream has been working wonders on my face and smells really good. I am also really big on moisturizing my skin so this along with the avocado and shea butter have been my go to staples.

Of course a girl needs a bit of inspiration, so I love to have a People Style Watch magazine around for my styling fix. After drinking green tea in my favorite owl mug, I enjoy taking walks to one of my favorite stores. Can you guess which one?

Lately (though I am a red wino) I have been into drinking white wine, especially this Sauvignon Blanc by Uppercut. It is crisp and refreshing and is a perfect pairing with the warm fragrance of my spice scented candle from Bath and Body Works.

It's always great when you find a product, an outfit, or a style that puts a smile on your face. What kind of things have you been enjoying lately?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Under the Weather w/ Leather

Hello Lovelies! Lately it has been raining ridiculously here. No I don't mean like cats and dogs I seriously mean R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S-L-Y...Sorry for the exaggeration, but I had to elaborate. Just the other day on the news, the first floor of the mall a town over from mine was closed down because it was flooded and there was sewage seeping throughout. Now I don't know what the stores did about the merchandise or if they were damaged, but if Forever21 is having a killer sale this weekend, I wouldn't be surprised if it was with damaged merchandise. Not like I would complain if I can throw it into the washing machine.

Throughout the nasty weather I was able to weave in and out the rain (and online) to make some darn near perfect purchases. The trend in mind: Leather, faux leather that is. I have to admit I was a bit intimidated to try this trend with the whole only rock n' rollers or bikers wear it stereotype. Once I kicked my assumption bad habit, I gave it a try and I haven't turned back. I am taking this trend and the store.....and then back to my closet.

My first rocker chic find was these oxblood faux leather panel pants from H&M. These pants are AMAZING! They are sooo comfortable and have the right amount of stretch for my juicy pear shaped hips. Yes I said it...JUICY!! Pants need to have enough give for this derriere and these pants do the job.  Not only does the color and faux leather with exposed zippers in the front and a single in the back make this a great find, the price is just right outstanding! You can snag up these delicious pair in this color or black for a whopping $12.95. I ain't lying! You should go get really, right now.

The second great find was actually gifted to me by YummieTummie via the Lucky FABB conference I attended last month. In my swag bag was a generous gift card to purchase a "yummie" piece from their website. They are well known for their slimming leggings, tanks, denim, and undergarments. With so many options I just had to go with their Jada Leggings. I mean honestly, how could I resist a Faux Leather Legging that not only looks great, but slims my lowers?

Though these leggings are a bit out my price range at $68.00 a pair, let me tell you that I freaking LOVE these pants. LOVE THEM! They are ultra comfortable and the finish on the leggings does not look cheap like I encountered with some faux leather leggings in the past. These pants have a great amount of stretch, but have a sturdy enough hold to tuck in that I ate too much ice cream and chocolate donuts belly I get from time to time. I am seriously considering ordering the cognac pair I love them that much. Of course I will have to save up for them, but I am glad that I got a chance to try them out first. Thanks YummieTummie!!

Eventually I would love to add more leather touches to my wardrobe to include this, this, and this, but for now these will do. You know, this whole leather trend has really got me thinking that maybe, just maybe I actually do have some rocker tendencies in me. I mean I like to flip my hair back and forth, listen to alternative music, and wear black nail polish.... NAH....I think I just like how it looks on.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Boots, Ten-HUT!!

Hello Lovelies! It's October which means it is officially boot season!! The days are getting cooler and boy am I excited. I have been itching to wear my boots for a while and now that the time has come, I am embracing it with open arms. Especially since I have a good selection of boots in my closet to chose from. Don't get me wrong, I still have my eye out for more treasures to add to my collection like this, this, this, and this. Oh and don't forget these...and these! Alright, alright, so what if the list goes on...and on....and on. I did say that I love shoes in my last post so I'm in the judge-free zone. We're all friends here right? 

While boots, particularly tall boots are such a fashion statement on our legs, let's face it. They don't look fashion worthy on their own. What do I mean? Well, picture this. You're wearing a pair of tall boots you just bought on a casual shopping excursion. Everyone is complimenting you on how fabulous your shoes look and how they compliment your outfit perfectly. You get home--feeling proud and confident--and step out of your show stopper boots. Then the infamous happens. Recognize this sad look?

Yup, the inevitable droop. The lean on me I need a friend look has taken over. Sorry, but this is not cutting it. Not to mention the affect this has on the overall look of the boot. Not cute to have extra folds and creases on a great looking shoe right? So I was on a mission to find something that would hold up my boot, keeping the chic look in tact for when my legs are not in them. What to do, what to do...and then it hit me. I looked around my house and realized that I had a lot of old magazines around. Some from last year, earlier this year, some that I honestly don't read anymore. The pile is insane, but I can't seem to get rid of them because of the great ideas they have--and of course I need to make sure I am not repeating a fashion faux pas.

Any who, I needed to find a good use for these extra dust collectors and what better place to use them than in my boots. I rolled them up into paper logs--much like a paper version of a Hostess Ho Ho cake...yum--and tucked them away, one in each boot.

The final outlook was exactly what my sad boots needed. The girls were lifted and the wrinkles released. Yup, this was a nifty trick I was happy to discover. Of course I am sure many know about this trick but for me it was more than just a was a damn near miracle.....MIRACLE!!

Needless to say my magazines are getting lots of use and my boots are getting lots of wear. At least they are going to this season,...and the next....and possibly the next one after that....Oh heck, boots all year round! Long live fabulous boot season and lingering magazines!! Who's with me?