Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vintage Luxe Meets Modern Silk

Hello Lovelies! I hope you are having a great weekend! Have you done anything fun and exciting this weekend? Or even better, have you found a stylish deal you just couldn't resist? I know I did...both actually. Friday evening I received a much anticipated package in the mail. After a mix up with the shipping address and having to pay again for it to get re-shipped out to me (kinda a bummer) my long awaited treasure was finally delivered. Earlier this month I was introduced to T+J Designs, a fabulous jewelry site, at the Lucky FABB conference I attended. Inside my swag bag was a rocker chic bracelet c/o T+J Designs. I was so stoked by the style of the bracelet that I decided to look into what other selections they had. On the site there is a wide variety of jewelry that is not only fun and unique, but trendy and chic. There were so many things I liked and could see myself wearing. Since statement necklaces are a huge staple in my jewelry collection, I decided to go that route.  

After weighing my options I decided to go with the Luxe Brooch Pendant Necklace. The vintage inspired necklace has a timeless, classic feel to it. The topaz and gold tones are perfect for pairing with items in my fall wardrobe, especially my latest obsession.

Speaking of my latest obsession, I have been obsessing over scarves. Not to get too much into detail since I will write a vivid post about the lovely use of scarves one day, but this one in particular has been a real eye catcher to me. This oxblood inspired scarf was given to me from my cousin in law a few months back. She was letting go of so many clothes and gave me the option to scope some of them out before she bid them adieu. When I saw this scarf I knew I had to have it. Not only is the burgundy tone perfect for fall, the modern motif gives the silk scarf interest and depth. Layered over a shirt, it adds the perfect amount of color without being overwhelming.

As for my weekend activities so far, yesterday my family and I went to our church's annual picnic.  There were so many fun activities and delicious food around that we couldn't help ourselves but to indulge in it all. My husband decided that he was going to sign up for the hot dog eating contest. Of course I was the good wife and provided a bit of peer pressure for him to do it. Boy was I regretting that one. The entire time he was scarfing down the hot dogs, I was cringing that they weren't going to stay down. When he came back up for air, or was it me who was holding my breath, the moderator announced that my husband was the winner. I was shocked and a bit relieved that he was able to pull through and take first place, winning a $20 Target gift card. It wasn't that I didn't think he could do it, I was just worried about the upholstery of my car if he didn't keep it in.

Overall, the event was a huge hit even though by the end of the picnic there was a heavy overcast of clouds. The rain held off long enough for tear down/cleanup and for us to make it back home warm and dry. I appreciate that cloudy skies are considerate to fun outdoor events. Well, at least they are some of the time.

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