Friday, September 21, 2012

OxBlood Obsessed

Hello Lovelies!! It is officially the first day of fall and I am so happy for it! I love this season not just because my birthday is in it (big shout out to all the scorpios out there), but because of the beautiful warm tones to be seen and worn throughout the land. From the bronzy golds and blood orange reds to the fading greens and daffodil yellows, fall is a spectrum of stunning visual interest. Very poetic huh? Okay not so much, but I have to admit that there is something about the colors of fall that just make me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. That and a big cup of spiced hot apple cider. While we're on the topic of what's hot, right now, let's talk about my latest obsession...OxBlood.

OxBlood Obsessed

Peplum top
$34 -

Rag bone tuxedo blazer

Dorothy perkin

Short skirt

H m
$21 -

ALAIN QUILICI wedge boots

$28 -

$29 -

Not literally of course. I like my ox cooked well done, thank you. Okay bad joke, but this deep red color also known as burgundy has been popping up everywhere. Its taken over jeans with a ravage roar and slapped the taste out of plain ol' black's mouth. It is a color not to be messed with, but a fabulous hue to have fun with. There are so many options and ways to incorporate this color into a wardrobe. From something as simple as an accent scarf to a bold pant or a sky high heel, oxblood can pump up any outfit from average to fierce. I plan on wearing this color a lot this season via lipstick, nail polish, pants, scarves, basically whatever I can get my hands on. In fact I have some oxblood chilling in my closet right not...or is it in the fridge?


  1. This is a stunning color, great pics!

    1. Isn't it fab! I am really loving it. Thanks for reading!

      S.S. Milk