Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm such a "Lucky" Gal

Hello Lovelies! I am back with an exciting recap of my first bloggers conference, Lucky Fabb!! First let me say it was amazing!! They couldn't have had a better name for it. Lucky Fabb was exactly that. I felt so lucky to be amongst so many beautiful and talented bloggers (amazing Lucky mag editors and celebrity designers included). Throughout the day I felt fabulous with the product browsing and "shopping", brand giveaways, and the amazingly stuffed swag bag I got to take home. That's right ladies and gents no five finger deal for this bag LOL!!! Of course there are so many things I learned throughout the conference but the upmost lesson is...wait for it... CHARGE MY PHONE!! I couldn't believe I didn't charge my phone the night before or better yet on the train to NY. Honestly I must have been really on cloud nine. I did manage to take some pictures but my phone kept crying at me. This my friends is a sign that I am in DESPERATE need of a camera, and not just any camera but a good camera, one of the best. I am open to any and all suggestions. But enough of that, let's get into my recap! :)

Me in my fabulousness! LOL!! Autographs will be provided at the end of the blog post. :)

Name tag with blog name and the itinerary for the day. Theme was all about connecting. Network, network, network! :)

The oh-so chic celebrity stylists and designers who graced me with their impeccable talent and advice at the conference.

AGJeans corner with their "Fall Inspiration Sweepstakes". One of the lovely ladies at the AGJeans display with fiery red hair. LOVE IT! Isn't she just the cutest?

"Shopping" with P&G Beauty products. Me holding my heavy bag of P&G products from Covergirl, Olay, Secret, and Herbal Essences. I can't tell you how excited I was to be able to try all those products. Can you read the giddiness in my face?

Caravelle By Bulova had a mini fashion shoot for their contest "The Face of Caravelle by Bulova". I got to style a watch and take some pics of my own. The cherry on top? I get a free Caravelle by Bulova watch!! So stoked! 

I met some amazing bloggers and contacts during the event. Starting with Ginger from Electric Blogerella, Amber from Purple Paparazzi, and Jessica from QVC. Other fabulous ladies not pictured here are Nicole from Manners and Moxie, Kaitlyn from Blog Trends, Erika from Style Activist and Alexandra from She is Red. Each one has an incredible talent of their own and I was inspired by each of them.

And the ultimate highlight to the day...

THE SWAG BAG!!! It was stuffed with so many goodies I had to keep switching it to each shoulder because the weight of it. There was jewelry, beauty products, gift cards, nail polish, the list goes on. They don't call it a swag bag for nothing.

Lucky Fabb left me filled with so much excitement and joy to be a part of the blogger community. The amount of creativity out there is astounding. My experience at Lucky Fabb has me looking forward to continuing my journey as a personal style blogger and hope that I can inspire others just as much as this conference has inspired me. Now (clicks pen) who wants an autograph first?


  1. I bought my tickets for IFBCon before LuckyFabb was announced. I kind of assumed that there wouldn't be one since they had one in April. If I only waited... I've gotten a few of these blogging events under my belt now and I have to admit that it is quite the motivator. My swag bag wasn't as exciting though.. (-:

    1. I'm sure IFBCon was amazing! Yeah I have to agree about the blogging events being such a huge motivator. I left the conference feeling so inspired. Maybe we can meet up at another one! Thanks for reading!

      S.S. Milk