Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Five Days of Compliments

Hello Lovelies! Last week I noticed a trend amongst my outfit selections. Not only did I manage to wear stripes almost everyday, but there is a pattern/color story. Throughout each outfit there is something in common. Whether it be the stripes or the color combination, my outfits for the week were a continuous blend. Talk about complimentary. Believe me when I say that it was not on purpose. No really. I honestly just put outfits together and walked out the door. It wasn't until Friday morning when I realized that my outfits were related. They could have been cousins, sisters, best friends. Yes, each outfit was a BFF to the other. One thing about BFFs, they sure know how to stick together. I like to think that me and my BFF compliment each other nicely.



Speaking of BFFs, my husband has been the ultimate bud in helping out with our daughter and cleaning around the house. Big kudos to my #1 man...actually he's my only man...until one day I have a son, but that is a whole other topic I won't bore your ears with. Back to the subject on hand, my husband. I tell you he couldn't be more sweet. Then again it gets better than that. 

Knowing the nostalgic fan I am of movies that make me feel warm and tingly inside, my honey bunny bought me the one and only tragedy meets romantic destiny film, Titanic. When it returned to the movie theaters in 3D, I was a little disappointed that I didn't go see it because no one would come with me. Sure I could have gone by myself, but was there no one else who wanted to share in the lovestruck tragedy with me? I mean come on, why wouldn't you want to see a massive ship sink and have a huge iceberg bulging out at you on the big screen. Someone else could have wanted to endure it in the theater one more time right? Clearly, I was the only one. So when the movie was released for all to buy, my huby got it for me...on Blu-Ray...in 3D... (Insert huge grin on my face here...or just look at the picture above). Yes I love Titanic...I'll never let go :)



This T-shirt is so fun! I must admit that I never have been one for graphic t-shirts, simply because I am always unsure on how to wear them, but I think this shirt is starting to change my mind...this is a graphic t-shirt right? I was gifted this shirt from yoox.com at the Lucky FABB conference earlier this month. It was one of my fabulous goodies in my swag bag. I love how they turned their logo into a face. The red lips, mustache, and top hat add a sense of whimsy and character to an otherwise white t-shirt. Not to mention the lashes on the "O"s are fluttering with cuteness. Who knows, after this you may just see more graphic t-shirts in my wardrobe...just saying :)


So...did you find the similarities in each outfit? Maybe you connected something that I didn't. In that case, cool! No matter how you see it, clothes should be fun, feel/fit good, and most importantly make you feel good in it. When it comes down to it I just love when I find something that compliments me. Oh! Speaking of complimentary, check out these lovely bloggers that I recently discovered. I think you just might like them as much as I do.

Their blogs are stylish, fun, and just outright great reading. Much like mine...at least I like to think so :)


  1. Nice outfits!


    1. Happy you like them! Thanks for reading!

      S.S. Milk

  2. Love, love, love each and every outfit - but especially love Monday's shoes! Who are they? Nothing better than a taupe shoe that goes with everything! Can't get enough of them!

    1. Monday's nude pumps are from Target. You can find them here: http://bit.ly/S9LcXT They are extremely comfortable and they flex with your feet. I love them! They also have some other great options. Thanks for reading!