Friday, August 10, 2012

Two Servings of Vitamin C

Happy Friday Lovelies! Yesterday, I had a very interesting circumstance. I was on the train to work enjoying my commute when another commuter sat in the empty seat behind me. As the train got moving, my fellow commuter started to cough. The endless hacking continued the entire train ride, resulting in the person behind me clearing their throat relentlessly. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't the coughing that worried me, but whether or not the person covered their mouth. I am very big on that. All through the ride I kept thinking how much I didn't want to get sick. My encounter with the coughing villain motivated me to buy some orange juice at the convenience shop at work and inspired me to pair some outfits...filled with Vitamin C.

When I am feeling a bit down, I find that wearing bright colored clothes helps to lighten my mood. Orange to me is one of those colors that not only evokes a sense of fun, but energy. It is a healing supplement in my wardrobe. One way I like to wear the citrus tone is with neutrals.

The neutral top and shoes allows the pants to be the show stopper. Of course a bit of sparkle on the shirt and accessories is fun for a glamorously girlie flare.

When I am feeling a bit more daring, I like to pair a bright fun color with an interesting pattern. Navy blue and orange is already a great combination, but navy polka dots bumps it up a notch.

Again I paired neutral shoes and a bit of sparkle for a bit of glamour, a bit of chic without being over the top.

The outfit pairings and orange juice was enough to fend off the sickness blues, but as my fashion doctor would say, if I was to get sick, "Take two servings of immune boosting style and call him in the morning!"

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