Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Olympic Withdrawal

Hello Lovelies! Maybe it's just me, but I have been feeling deep withdrawal now that the Summer Olympics have come to an end. For 15 days I have been dazzled and enticed with the amazing athletes and the games that come once every four years. From the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony my heart fluttered with delight and excitement as the winners stood along the podiums with their medals. To commemorate the great games and to help recuperate from the end I put together an outfit based on some of the games. I think this one is worth the gold.

Marlena Dress: ShoeDazzle
The colors in this dress remind me so much of how a diver/swimmer looks under the water. I love how the pattern is abstract, but it doesn't look busy, it just flows.

Hunter Bracelet: JewelIQ
Arrow inspired jewelry is a big trend now. The gold tone with the sparkle is girlie, but the arrow design gives a little edge to an already fun piece.

Soccer (Football)

Wedges: DorothyPerkins
Like every successful soccer game an outfit needs a great set of kicks. These nude wedges have great height to them. The suede like material makes them more upscale, but the best part is the back. Stud detailing makes these shoes more than just the average nude.


Mineral Ring: DulceCandyXO
When I saw this ring I immediately thought about Shotput. If you don't know, Shotput is the game when the athlete throws the really heavy ball down the field. Don't worry, I had to ask someone what that was called :). The size of the stone on the ring reminded me of the weight of the heavy a good way of course. A great looking ring adds fabulous weight to your hand.

Cross-Body/Clutch Bag: Stella & Dot
It amazes me just how flexible the competitors in gymnastics are. They can contort themselves into flips and dips in ways I couldn't imagine doing myself. So I let my accessories and clothes do the stretching for me. This bag from Stella & Dot offers so much versatility and flexibility with how you can use it. It can be used as a fold-over clutch, a fold-over crossbody, or a full length crossbody all by simply removing or adding the curb chain strap. It is definitely a great bag when you are looking to stretch your money for more looks.

Symbolic Leaf Crown
Secret Garden Ring: Stella & Dot
The Symbol of Olympic victory is the olive leaf. In Greek mythology the leaf, a symbol of peace and security, was gathered into a crown or laurel and was awarded to the victors of the Olympic Games. In keeping with the tradition, this leaf inspired ring awards my finger with great dignity and fashion. 

 The Olympic Rings
Twisted Knot Earrings: JewelIQ

The five interlocking Olympic Rings is such a well known logo throughout so many countries. They remind me of the hard work and tradition of the athletes and inspire me to push myself with all that I do. The interlocking design of these earrings brings that strong concept to mind. Any girl would feel honored to wear these sleek earrings much like being a part of the Olympics.

Photo Credit: Reuters
The London Summer Olympics was a huge highlight for me. Until 2016 when we are in the hot city of Rio for the next Summer Olympics, I will mourn in my fabulous outfit. Farewell Summer Olympics...see you in four years.


  1. I understand perfectly. I also spent a lot of hours in front of the TV enjoying the Olympics. Especially gymnastics and athletics.

    1. I love watching gymnastics! Thanks for reading!