Monday, August 20, 2012

Guest Post: Anya Sarre, Celebrity Stylist

Happy Monday Lovelies!! I hope you are having a fabulous day, but to make it even more stylish I have a special treat for you. Today I have the honor of sharing with you a guest post from the oh so chic and talented mind behind the fashion forward accessories and handbags for Shoedazzle. Let's give a warm welcome to the beautiful celebrity stylist, accessory connoisseur, (and inspiring new mother) Anya Sarre!!

Introduce a Beautiful New You This Summer by Showing off the Latest Fashions
By Anya Sarre

If you have had problems in the past with not being as confident as you would like to be, there are a few key things you can do in order to overcome a lack of high self-confidence.  One of the best things young women everywhere can do to make themselves feel better is to invest time in purchasing flattering and fashionable clothing.  While it is not necessary to break the bank and spend all your money on a new wardrobe just to feel better, it certainly helps if you have a few items in your closet that are flattering, trendy, and current in the lines of fashion.

Shop Smartly for the Latest Fashions

When women invest in clothing for themselves and begin wearing the latest summer fashions, they gain a sense of confidence, self-esteem, and become inspired to meet new people and try new things.  The way we look has a direct impact on how we feel about ourselves, and this is especially true for young women.  It’s important not to confuse retail therapy with purchasing fashionable and flattering summer clothes and shoes.  Retail therapy is a casual term for people who spend money to simply feel better.  This is far different than smartly selecting and purchasing wardrobe items that will bring your daily apparel and dress-up clothes up to date.

Decide Between Subtle or Bold

When shopping for new peep toe sandals, a new pair of high heels, or that perfect wrap-around skirt, you can decide to be bold or subtle with the new styles you purchase.  The type of clothes you buy and wear say a lot about your attitude, outlook on life, and your personal style.  Some women prefer to be vivacious and bold in their appearance while others prefer a softer, subtler, more romantic look.

The truth is, any summer garment or set of shoes can be accessorized and paired with items that can transform a look from bold to subtle or vice versa.  The type of jewelry and shoes you wear with a dress or skirt makes all the difference in the overall appearance.  How you fix your hair and how your nails are done also play an important and visible role in your overall look.  

Isn't she grand? I just love her sense of fashion and style. Thanks Anya for sharing such fabulous tips! I hope you enjoyed this guest post and make sure to check out Shoedazzle for some stylish items any fashionista can enjoy. If not purposely, then accidentally!! :)

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