Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Don't You Knomo Good

Hello Lovelies!! Yesterday I received a very special package in the mail. I have been stalking this one website for a very longtime and had my eyes on a bag. No, not 'a' bag but THE bag. Laptop bag that is. I had my heart set on getting this one particular bag and was not going to rest until I got it. Where did this one of a kind case come from you ask? Let me give you a clue...

After many failed bags to encase my laptop, I broke down Ladies and Gents and bought a fabulous Knomo London Bag. Knomo (pronounced Gnome-oh) is known for making great quality bags that are not only functional but stylish. Who says you can't have both. Originally, I had my eyes set on the oh so popular Pippa laptop sleeve. Yes I said it, the Pippa bag, sister of the Dutchess Kate Middleton herself. When I first saw pictures of the black laptop sleeve she is seen carrying around all the time I immediately thought it was the perfect bag for me. It was super cute, super chic and simple enough to carry my laptop in. So I saved my pretty pennies and went to buy it. To my surprise Knomo was (and still is) having a Semi-Annual sale on their website. This meant more options were now available in my price range. So, I decided that I would put the "Pippa" on hold for another day and buy the bag I could get more variety out of.

Here she is! The lovely Aurora tote. She is a pretty quilted tote with a compartment to fit my laptop, my phone, my books, my chargers, she just has it all. I love the parchment color of the bag with the brown details. It's a good neutral but not boring which was important to me. Along with the sleek design, another bonus I love about this bag is the option of space and size.

The tote is convenient in that it has a side zipper so it can be used as a flat tote / laptop briefcase...

or unzipped to be used as a bigger, catch all tote. This is a huge plus in my book because I like options. I mean seriously, what girl doesn't like options in her fashion. The Aurora tote is already making a good impression on me and my closet. 

Now to find an outfit to boot...hmmm...

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