Sunday, July 29, 2012

Coffee Dregs

Hello Lovelies!! I hope you are having a great weekend!! You're probably wondering why the title "Coffee Dregs". Allow me to explain the reasoning behind my madness that is. My husband went on a trip recently to visit some family in Central America. I was happy for his return because I knew every time he came back, he would bring some goodies from his trip. Whenever he could, he would send cheeses, authentic jalapeno chips, honey straight from the bees themselves. This last trip though he brought something unexpected...extremely unexpected...

Upon his arrival back into the states, I picked him up in my motherly four door sedan. Our daughter was asleep in her car seat, and it was good that she was. When I pulled up to welcome my husband with his goodies in hand, I noticed his bags were a bit bigger than usual. I ignored this thinking that maybe there was more cheese and honey for the taking.

As we packed the car and began to drive back home, I couldn't help but smell the stimulating aroma of fresh roasted coffee beans. Out of fear that I was having a massive craving, I requested he stop by the nearest pharmacy to pick up a pregnancy test. Just in case. He laughed at me, denying my request and continued driving home, clearly up to something.

When we arrived at our little apartment, my husband bared all the weight of his over stuffed baggage and lugged it onto our kitchen floor. Inside the heaviest bag was a sight for sore eyes...or sluggish morning risers.

Staring back at me were large Ziploc bags of coffee beans, roasted to perfection. My lower lip dropped as he carted each bag out one by one. Now I like coffee and all, but not that much. There was no way we were going to drink all of it by ourselves.

So for the next few days...okay more like weeks afterwards, I have been truly feeling the "Coffee Dregs" lingering along my palette, hence the title of this post.

I guess if you can't beat them, might as well join them so I used the caffeinated elixir as my inspiration for an outfit. Warm caramel macchiato and bitter black, little to no cream and sugar in this fabric drink. It made me feel better to use a frustrating moment as an inspiring one.

Thankfully, the coffee is slowly diminishing as family and friends stop by so I am starting to feel more at ease. Until there are no more java beans to ground, I guess I'll have another drink. Please pass the cream and sugar...

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