Saturday, June 9, 2012

Zebras Crossing at a Red Light

Hello lovelies! We have reached our final destination. Well not our 'final' destination, but our relaxing one. THE WEEKEND!!! Are you excited? I know I am, especially now that I have the scarf of my dreams. Okay, let's be realistic, one of the scarfs of my dreams. :) A few weeks ago I have become obsessed with searching for the perfect red scarf, and not just any red scarf but THE red scarf of a lifetime. The red scarf that would take flight on its own around my neck, caressing it with the upmost of fashion bliss. A scarf that said, "Hey, I am here..."

Photo Credit: Cartoon Network

Website after website I searched for one that had enough panache for my hungry neck. It had to be lightweight, vibrant in color and a good length. Forever21...nope. JcPenney...nope. Old Navy, Urban Outfitters, my mother's closet...nope, nope, um, not even close (sorry mom). Just when all hope was lost I clicked on a link that led me to a site called Fred Flare. Fred? I thought clicking through the website and onto accessories. It looked like a promising website with fun do-dats and things, but scarfs...I doubted...until I saw it. THE scarf...the one screaming my name...

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The cutest red scarf ever! It was lightweight, a vibrant color, and long enough to wrap around twice for lots of volume. To add to the quirkiness of this lovely get up, zebras graced its scarlet threads! It was fun, different, and a new take on the animal print. I found it at last! The one my neck has been begging me for; let me tell you it was starting to get annoying hearing it screaming at me all the time. After much deliberation we came to an agreement, my neck and I, and decided to purchase the lovely "Zebra Crossing" scarf. Now at unless you pick it up at their warehouse or have an order of $50 or more, you have to pay for shipping. Shipping is such a necessary evil, but one I try to avoid whenever I can. So I googled the name of the scarf to see where else I could purchase it. I came across a few bloggers mentioning the scarf on their page and found out they had purchased theirs from a site called Happy Scarf. With fingers crossed, I typed in the link and lo and behold the site had FREE SHIPPING!! Yip-pee!! This scarf was meant to be mine!! So I clicked it, charged it, and they shipped it in less than a week.

My crimson safari arrived at my doorstep package in a clear baggie so I could see all of its vivaciousness. It even came with an inspiring quote.

Indeed shared happiness is true happiness and I was surely thrilled for the free shipping. Speaking of free shipping, today and tomorrow FredFlare is having FREE SHIPPING on all orders with the code "CROWN" at checkout. Of course they waited until I purchased my scarf to have this weekend special, but no matter. I finally have the scarf that I've...a-hem, my neck has been yearning for.

The zebras are such a fun take on the animal print concept. The subtle zebra print compliments the vibrant red scarf without being flashy or gaudy. From a far it is unexpected but up close, you see the true quirkiness of the zebras. This scarf was just what my neck needed to feel alive and silence the screams. Now if only I could get my closet to stop shouting at me to do an outfit pairing with it...

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