Friday, June 15, 2012

Zebras, and Leopards, and Dots, Oh My!!

Happy Friday lovelies! We are hours away from our sweet serenity!! I for one am already at peace now that my closet has stopped shouting at me for an outfit pairing. Remember the "Zebras Crossing" scarf from my last post? Well, I finally created an outfit that I deemed worthy of the red light special. I wanted to have a bit of fun with the scarf and needed something that not only suited for my closet's satisfaction but myself as well. With the zebra print, it was none other than Safari time...

In the great Safari of fashion, behold the leopard print grace my closet. I never thought that I would be one for leopard, but I am finding that animal print, the right animal print, is a good neutral. Grant it neon pink snake print or chemical lime green leopard spots are not a neutral pairing, but the normal, naturally expected tones are suitable for any outfit as a neutral.

Lately, I have been wearing my leopard wedges much like how I wear my nude pumps. If I already have a lot of bright colors on in my outfit I will of course wear the nude pump, but if I don't have much color on I like to spruce up the outfit with my fun neutral leopard pattern.

Now I love red with leopard so what better than to pair my red zebra scarf with it. This combination was feeling a bit funky, a bit chic. I love how the pop of the red plays against the tans of the leopard. Predator befriends its prey.

With the shoes and the scarf getting to know each other, I figured I wanted to introduce one more pop to the pairing party. Something subtle enough so that it didn't clash with the other patterns, but would blend harmoniously.

POLKA DOTS!!! Okay, okay, okay. I know what you're thinking. How could polka dots be a neutral pattern with Zebras and Leopards? They could if they are in the same color category. I like to see this skirt as the opposite of my shoes. Instead of a tan base with black spots, it is a black base with tan spots. Topped off with a basic black t-shirt, some red bracelets and rose gold accessories, I think this outfit was a hit!

This combination reminds me of a chic Safari. It's a bit bold and daring without being over the top. I am loving my animal prints, getting in touch with my inner feline. I wonder if I let out a roar would someone stare at me? Rrrrr......

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