Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sweets for All Sweeties...

This summer there are lots of palatable trends going around for the art of styling. From High-Low hemlines and floral prints to pastel nail polishes and neon accents, summer is filled with delectable styling options anyone can enjoy. One trend that I have been loving and implementing every day in my fashion get up has got to be the easiest if not the most fun to do. I can wear it everyday, it goes flawlessly with every outfit, and it has the be the sweetest dessert I can enjoy with zero calories.

ARM CANDY!!! Well, not literally. These sugary treats are a delicious feast for the eyes and wallet. This trend can be done with all kinds of bracelets from the simplest of DIY friendships with colored hemp to the most lavish design of Michael Kors and jeweled beads. No matter your budget, you can work this trend and personalize it to your own exquisite appetite. Here are just some inspiring goodies to feast your eyes on.

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Arm Candy is a tasty snack that I enjoy on a daily basis. With so many great DIY's out there, I am thinking about treating myself to a little extra sweetness. Honestly...WTF? is a great blog with many DIYs, including tempting recipes on how to create your own masterpieces.

Photo credit: Honestly...WTF?

Photo credit: Honestly...WTF?

Jenni at I Spy Diy shows how to swirl blown sugar goodness out of easily accessible materials you can wear yourself or share with others. With her simplicity and talent, she is the bee's knees of wrist honey.

Photo credit: I Spy Diy

Photo credit: Honestly...WTF?
Photo credit: Honestly...WTF

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Of course, there is always the edible's okay to indulge a little. Go ahead, take a bite.

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