Friday, May 25, 2012

Pretty in "The Land of Sin"

Shortly after my revelation to blog last year, my husband had to go to Las Vegas for his job. Of course, this got me thinking. What kind of wife would I be if I didn't fly out to celebrate our wedding anniversary with him, right? Not a good one. So we bought my ticket to meet him out there and I began to pack. Now being the good wife that I am (toot-toot) I wanted to make sure that I looked good for my husband. But not just any outfit would do. Oh no, I had to make another multi-wrap dress. So, less than 8 hours from my flight to "Sin City" I decided to sew my heart out. Remember that extra fabric I bought from my last post?

Aren't they purrr-dy :)

Well, I bought some solid purple fabric to go with the cream and purple floral. To change it up, I decided to do the patterned fabric at the top with the solid colored fabric at the bottom. Grant it I was worried about this one again. With less than 8 hours to pack and finish this dress I was a walking zombie. My thread broke multiple times, needle broke and almost stabbed me in the eye, and for some reason I decided to 'experiment' and make a bubble bottom for the dress with elastic so I could make it shorter or longer. CRAZINESS!! Though my fingers were scorned from sewing, my house was a mess from packing, and my eyes carried more baggage than my hands that morning, the final product was once again a success.

When we went to our special anniversary dinner I wore my handmade dress. I got so many compliments on it and my husband was telling everyone that I made it. Not to mention I felt good in it too. Shame on me I didn't get a full shot of it in Vegas (FAIL) but here is a pic of me wearing it a few weeks later.

Me wearing the dress at my Aunt in Law's Baby Shower

Can you believe it? After a few weeks and washing it, the seams still held up! Kudos to me! Actually, kudos to the sewing machine for not quitting on me...and my head not rolling off my neck in sleep deprivation. Well, as you could imagine, Vegas was quite the site. We went to the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden and let me tell you, that is a beautiful thing to visit. You should see it sometime. Or just check out my pics for your blog vacationing pleasure :)

There was so much to see in the garden. Everywhere I looked there were splashes of color. It felt like I was transported to a fairytale land.

This pic always makes me think of Alice in Wonderland. The vibrant red and purple flowers with the up-lit curvy tree made it look almost too perfect.

The garden was sooo colorful and inspiring. Everything about it was all oh so pretty...including me. Tee-Hee. VIVA LAS VEGAS!!...and DIY dresses.

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