Saturday, May 26, 2012

Berry-Lime 'sicle

June is next week and with Summer approaching, I find myself yearning for more color in my wardrobe. Lately I have been obsessing over the need for more color, all kinds of color. Especially mints and limes. Maybe it's a sign that loads of money are coming my way soon...I know, fat chance that's gonna happen but a girl can dream. Well, with the temperatures increasing, I am finding myself inspired to push my outfits more. Venture out into different shades and tones. There are so many color combinations out there to try, I just need to keep pushing my self to wear them. Make sure you remind too okay. We are a team you and I :). The other day while I was feeling a bit 'green' with color envy I walked into H&M, a heavenly clothing store created to tempt me and my wallet, and found just the right shade for me.

It was the lime I was craving. It had the right amount of crisp, energizing chartreuse to spring me right into, what else but Spring. Looking at it I thought maybe I could give this a try with my berry pearls. That could be daring right? So I had the shirt and pearls, but I needed some cute neutral bottoms.

Nice, black bottoms were neutral enough. I added the thin, black patent belt around my waist to cinch in the tank and that was looking pretty good,...but I needed more...Oomph!

A Blazer!! Now we're talkin'. I was starting to feel good about this outfit. It was daring, bold, me. Now with the main pieces already accounted for, I needed more accessories and...


SHOES! Oh I love these bad boys. They are sooooo comfortable and would you believe I got them at Payless. Yeah I said it and I'll say it again. PAYLESS SHOES!!! They are part of the "Brash" collection and believe me when I say this pic doesn't do them justice.

The deep berry tone is perfect for Spring through Fall. It is such a great color, I find I can wear them with sooo many things. I'll show you what I mean in future posts. To finish off the accessories I tied it together with some Forever 21 studs and my Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch.

I have been drooling and when I say drooling I mean DROOLING over the Michael Kors Rose golds for a while. My husband, being the great husband that he is, wiped my mouth for me and presented this wonderful beauty as my mother's day gift. Happy Mother's Day to me...and my wrist. Needless to say I have been wearing this watch everyday. So don't be surprised if you see me wearing it in my next post. I am seriously in love. Thanks Michael Kors...I mean thank you Huby. So, this is it! The completed look.

My berry-lime 'sicle look was as sweet as I hoped it would be. I hope you like it too. But what do you think, are you feeling 'green'?

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