Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rose Golden Memorial

Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend. That it was filled with lots of barbecues, good company, and great weather. At least that was my weekend :) This year my husband and I decided to do something special for Memorial Day. Coming from a military background ourselves, we thought it only appropriate to start a annual tradition to visit our State Veteran's Memorial Cemetery to pay our respects to those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. It means so much to us to see men and women in uniform serving our country and I feel (in my humble opinion) that they don't get enough acknowledgement. Everyday they are making sacrifices for this country, whether through their time or life, they are giving up something many of us wouldn't dream of doing for others. I thank all of the soldiers here and no longer with us for all they have done and are doing for this country. We salute you.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Berry-Lime 'sicle

June is next week and with Summer approaching, I find myself yearning for more color in my wardrobe. Lately I have been obsessing over the need for more color, all kinds of color. Especially mints and limes. Maybe it's a sign that loads of money are coming my way soon...I know, fat chance that's gonna happen but a girl can dream. Well, with the temperatures increasing, I am finding myself inspired to push my outfits more. Venture out into different shades and tones. There are so many color combinations out there to try, I just need to keep pushing my self to wear them. Make sure you remind too okay. We are a team you and I :). The other day while I was feeling a bit 'green' with color envy I walked into H&M, a heavenly clothing store created to tempt me and my wallet, and found just the right shade for me.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Pretty in "The Land of Sin"

Shortly after my revelation to blog last year, my husband had to go to Las Vegas for his job. Of course, this got me thinking. What kind of wife would I be if I didn't fly out to celebrate our wedding anniversary with him, right? Not a good one. So we bought my ticket to meet him out there and I began to pack. Now being the good wife that I am (toot-toot) I wanted to make sure that I looked good for my husband. But not just any outfit would do. Oh no, I had to make another multi-wrap dress. So, less than 8 hours from my flight to "Sin City" I decided to sew my heart out. Remember that extra fabric I bought from my last post?

Aren't they purrr-dy :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Epiphany

Hello fellow bloggers!! Almost one year ago I suddenly got the urge to blog. Join the community that I have been admiring for a long time. What is it that drew me to it you ask? Maybe it was fate, destiny, spilled milk. Actually, my epiphany happened over spilled milk. Let me explain. In July of 2011, I had a new found love for thrift shopping and my sewing machine. Now grant it I am not the best at sewing, but my seams manage to stay sewn. Browsing YouTube I found a video on how to make my own multi-wrap dress. You can find the link here. Needless to say GiannyL made it simple enough for me to follow, and heck I had some fabric I could use. So what did I do?